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Tony Casemore (Character)
from "Hotel Babylon" (2006)

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"Hotel Babylon: Episode #1.5" (2006)
[Gino tries out some role play on Charlie]
Gino Primirola: Its great to see you again
Charlie Edwards: [winks] Thanks Gino, it's great to see you
Gino Primirola: ...That's a nice tie
Charlie Edwards: This one? It's old
Gino Primirola: ...have you lost weight?
Charlie Edwards: Atkins
Gino Primirola: ...I like your mouth
Ben Trueman: Whoa! Ok, that's... we may just have to pull back a little there
Tony Casemore: I'm confused - do you actually WANT to sleep with this guy?
Gino Primirola: [to Ben] I thought you said compliments were good?
Ben Trueman: Compliments, yes, but you're getting into a whole new territory there
Charlie Edwards: Though to be fair, I have got quite a nice mouth

"Hotel Babylon: Episode #1.2" (2006)
Jackie Clunes: So what made you want to be the concierge?
Tony Casemore: From when I was little, definitely the uniform.
Jackie Clunes: Really?