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Charlie Edwards (Character)
from "Hotel Babylon" (2006)

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"Hotel Babylon: Episode #2.5" (2007)
Carrie Cottan: I'm just glad Milo told me that you bat for the other side before I made even more of a tit of myself
Charlie Edwards: [confused] "Milo?
Carrie Cottan: The barman
[Gino hides as Charlie looks across]
Carrie Cottan: I probably shouldn't have mentioned it, he said you like to keep it quiet. Don't worry I won't say anything. It's quite a relief actually - when you didn't seem interested I thought I was losing my touch
Charlie Edwards: [deadpan] Well, I'm glad it's out in the open
Carrie Cottan: I'm doing an appearance in G.A.Y in a few weeks. You should come along. I could get you some free tickets
Charlie Edwards: Sounds sensational... I can polish off my leather hotpants
Carrie Cottan: bring Ben. By the way - by the way, he's gorgeous - you two make a lovely couple
Charlie Edwards: Yes... Ben is very... special... to me

Charlie Edwards: Have you any idea why Carrie Cottan might think that I'm gay?
Gino Primirola: [laughs] You? Gay! No, no - maybe she crazy! Or maybe it's your shirt - if you don't mind me saying, it's a little bit girly
Charlie Edwards: It's a strange thing because I think you might have actually told her that
Gino Primirola: Me? No, she must have misheard me
Charlie Edwards: She's also 'misheard' you say that I'm going out with Ben
Gino Primirola: Well, maybe I did say something... you know, by mistake. I saw her being flirty with you by the pool, so when she ask if you have a girlfriend it just... slip out

Charlie Edwards: You can't go seducing a woman by telling her that all the competition is gay!

"Hotel Babylon: Episode #2.6" (2007)
James Schofield: So Rebecca, should I tell the chef to expect you downstairs?
Rebecca Mitchell: I'm sorry?
James Schofield: You will be cooking the dinner I presume?
Rebecca Mitchell: I will?
James Schofield: Isn't that what all the managers are doing these days
[Charlie grins as others mutter agreement]
Rebecca Mitchell: Oh, right. Um, no, I mean yes, yes absolutely... and Charlie can be my sous chef
Charlie Edwards: [face drops] I can?
Rebecca Mitchell: Yes, you can
Charlie Edwards: An afternoon in the kitchens... what a treat.

"Hotel Babylon: Episode #1.5" (2006)
[Gino tries out some role play on Charlie]
Gino Primirola: Its great to see you again
Charlie Edwards: [winks] Thanks Gino, it's great to see you
Gino Primirola: ...That's a nice tie
Charlie Edwards: This one? It's old
Gino Primirola: ...have you lost weight?
Charlie Edwards: Atkins
Gino Primirola: ...I like your mouth
Ben Trueman: Whoa! Ok, that's... we may just have to pull back a little there
Tony Casemore: I'm confused - do you actually WANT to sleep with this guy?
Gino Primirola: [to Ben] I thought you said compliments were good?
Ben Trueman: Compliments, yes, but you're getting into a whole new territory there
Charlie Edwards: Though to be fair, I have got quite a nice mouth