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Lev Andropov (Character)
from Armageddon (1998)

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Armageddon (1998)
[after escaping the Russian Space Station explosion]
Freddy Noonan: Pretty intense, huh?
Lev Andropov: That's why I told you "touch nothing". But you're bunch of cowboys!

Lev Andropov: Don't touch my uncle! You know? He's a genius of my family.

A.J.: Have you ever heard of Evel Knievel?
Lev Andropov: No, I never saw Star Wars.

Colonel William Sharp: It takes two people to fly this thing. Either we all stay and die, or you guys draw straws.
Rockhound: I say we all stay and die.
[pause, everyone looks at Rockhound]
Rockhound: But that's me.
AJ: I'll draw. Let's draw.
Harry: Nobody's gonna draw straws. I'll stay and take care of it.
Chick: Well, I can't live with that sort of thing.
Lev Andropov: Nobody asked you if you could live with it, all right?
Lev Andropov: Bullshit! No way I will let you volunteer for this, so I can go back to my home country like the man who did not volunteer! No way!
Bear: Hey man, let's draw, and let's see who's gonna stay up here and dance.
Rockhound: Hey guys? I-I know you guys think I'm crazy right now but, I would really like this responsibility.
Harry: All right. All right.
Rockhound: I can do it!
Harry: Let's just draw straws and get it over with. Come on.
Chick: I ain't drawin' against you, Harry.
Harry: Well, I'm gonna draw against you Chick, so you better just go ahead and do it.
[They draw straws]
Chick: Just gimme this thing.
Lev Andropov: [Lev looks at the straw he has drawn] Is this good, or bad?
[A.J. has drawn the short straw]
AJ: Oh man. Well, we all gotta die right? I'm the guy who gets to do it saving the world.

Lev Andropov: It's stuck, yes?
Watts: Back off! You don't know the components!
Lev Andropov: [annoyed] Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!

A.J.: This is great. We just happen to run into the Grand Canyon on the asteroid.
Lev Andropov: I told you, you took wrong way, wrong road.
A.J.: What? What road? Do you see any roads around here?
Lev Andropov: You know what, I do not have much pleasure being near God's ear, but you think this is looking good or what?
A.J.: Lev, why don't you just do humanity a favor and just shut the hell up?

Lev Andropov: I'm stepping outside.
A.J.: You're-you're going outside?
Lev Andropov: I am the only certified astronaut. And I'm saving your American ass!

Lev Andropov: This is how we fix problem in the Russian space station!
[hits panel with tool]

Lev Andropov: Now I'm really a Russian hero!

[A.J, Lev, and Bear are making the canyon jump and Lev is flying outside on the armadillo trying to fix it]
Lev Andropov: I'm sorry A.J. I was way off on the odds!

Lev Andropov: He used to make the tip of the bomb. The thing that finds, uh, New York or Washington, you know?

Lev Andropov: Welcome everybody !

Lev Andropov: Welcome home, astronauts.

Lev Andropov: I am not gas station. This is sophisticated laboratory.

Lev Andropov: I am not a gas station. This is a sophisticated laboratory.