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Sam Wing On (Character)
from Across the Pacific (1942)

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Across the Pacific (1942)
Sam Wing On: What's the matter you, Rick?
Rick Leland: What's a matter you? What's a matter me, Sam?
Sam Wing On: All the time, people say you no good. Big smell from up north. I what's a matter you come back? Too much Army here. Everyone know. You through with Panama. Panama through with you!
Rick Leland: Well, Sam, maybe I won't be here long.

Sam Wing On: You no need money? Sam smell big fish.
Rick Leland: Sam keep nose clean. Sam no smell fish. No catchy trouble.
Sam Wing On: All the time, you like trouble. Maybe so, Dr. Lorenz trouble?
Rick Leland: Maybe so.
Sam Wing On: Gal too?
Rick Leland: I don't know Sam. I hope she's all right.
Sam Wing On: She got your bad. Much trouble. All the time, much trouble.

Rick Leland: Sam, you can help me. People tell you things.
Sam Wing On: People tell me because I don't tell. I tell, they don't tell me any more.