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Dr. Lorenz (Character)
from Across the Pacific (1942)

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Across the Pacific (1942)
Alberta Marlow: We were discussing Philippine economics when we were so rudely interrupted.
Dr. Lorenz: My own field! Miss Marlowe was kind enough to listen to me.
Rick Leland: They're going to be free in 1946, aren't they?
Dr. Lorenz: They are - provided America does not insist on fighting a war with Japan. It's my opinion that that contingency is going to keep the Philippines from being free.
Alberta Marlow: Won't Japan gobble them up?
Rick Leland: No offense, but Japan or Canada or anybody else can have the Philippines as far as I'm concerned. It's hot in Manila!
Dr. Lorenz: Might even be hotter before long.
Alberta Marlow: Hot enough to go around in shorts?
Rick Leland: Ah, there's a Canadian for you! Let them take their clothes off, and they're happy.

Dr. Lorenz: You probably don't share my enthusiasm for the Japanese.
Rick Leland: I don't know, I never thought much about them.
Dr. Lorenz: A wonderful little people. Wonderful. Greatly misunderstood, believe me. To know them, that is to really know them, is to feel the deepest affection for them.

Dr. Lorenz: One night, you told me about your troubles in the Army. I'd like to hear more about that.
Rick Leland: I got in a jam with a dame.
Dr. Lorenz: Yes?
Rick Leland: I needed some dough. I had access to the regimental funds so I borrowed it, intending to put it back, of course.
Dr. Lorenz: Of course.
Rick Leland: They found out first. The brass hats could have given me a chance if they wanted to, but they didn't. They tied me up with pink ribbons and threw me to the wolves. Write your own finish.

Dr. Lorenz: Where will you stay in Panama, Mr. Leland?
Rick Leland: The Pan American. It's very quite and respectable.
Joe Totsuiko: That ain't for me.
Rick Leland: Where are you going beautiful?
Alberta Marlow: I'll have to find some place where they have the bath at the end of the hall and a 40 cents lunch.
Rick Leland: I know the guy who owns the Pan American. He'll give you a rate.

Rick Leland: Maybe you overlooked something?
Dr. Lorenz: Could you suggest anything, sir, that we might have overlooked?
Rick Leland: What about your getaway?
Dr. Lorenz: We have a rendezvous with an undersea boat.