Pebbles Flintstone
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Pebbles Flintstone (Character)
from The Flintstones (1994)

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I Yabba-Dabba Do! (1993) (TV)
Pebbles Flintstone: Daddy, how could you?

Pebbles Flintstone: Uh-oh, Boss alert!

Pebbles Flintstone: Oh be quiet you big ape!

Bamm-Bamm Rubble: Showing what?
Pebbles Flintstone: Bamm-Bamm rubble!... if your going to dump me, at least have the decency to say it to my face
Bamm-Bamm Rubble: Dump you?... I'lll never...

Pebbles Flintstone: Milly was right!... you men are all neanderthals!

Pebbles Flintstone: Please your making a scene!

"The Flintstones: The Blessed Event (#3.23)" (1963)
Wilma Flintstone: Look at me Fred, I'm calm.
Fred Flintstone: Why shouldn't you be? Your wife isn't having a baby.

Wilma Flintstone: The baby will be 7 years old by the time we get to the hospital.

A Flintstones Christmas Carol (1994) (TV)
Fred Flintstone: I've been preparing for this part day and night. It's the only thing I've thought about for the past two months.
Pebbles: Kiss Dada, hug Dada?
Maggie Magma: So I've noticed.
Fred Flintstone: [driving away] Christmas, bah humbug.

"The Flintstones: Monster Fred (#5.2)" (1964)
Fred Flintstone: Hey Wilma! I'm leaving for the bowling alley.
Wilma Flintstone: Why don't you take Dino with you? He's been in the house all day.
Fred Flintstone: Dino? Well he don't bowl.

"The Flintstones: A Haunted House Is Not a Home (#5.7)" (1964)
Lawyer: You see, madam, the late J. Giggles Flintstone was a sort of... eh... he was...
Wilma Flintstone: You mean he was an eccentric.
Lawyer: No, I mean he was a kook!

"The Flintstone Comedy Show: Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm: The Ghost Sitters (#4.1)" (1980)
Pebbles Flintstone: It sounds like, the ghost of Bronco Billy. But where?