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Quotes for
Kron (Character)
from Dinosaur (2000)

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Dinosaur (2000)
Kron: [sarcastically] Hm. Let the weak set the pace? Now there's an idea.

Bruton: [Bruton has come back badly wounded] Kron! Carnotaurs!
Kron: What! They never come this far north.
Bruton: The Fireball must have driven them out...
[in the distance, a roar sounds out]
Kron: You led them right *to* us! Maybe we can feed them with your hide! Move the Herd out, *double-time*!

Kron: We've got a lot of first timers here, make sure they get it: we stop for nothing, and no one.
Bruton: [Turns to herd] If this is your first crossing, listen up! There is no water until we reach the other side. And you'd better keep up, because if a predator catches you, you're on your own. Move out!

Neera: Kron, we've never gone this far without water: if we keep going like this, we'll lose half the Herd.
Kron: Then we save the half that deserves to live.