Klara Sesemann
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Klara Sesemann (Character)
from Heidi (1937)

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Heidi (1937)
Fräulein Rottenmeier: [Heidi yawns at the dinner table] Adelheid! Did I actually see you yawn? I'm horrified!
Klara Sesemann: Don't scold her. She's had such a hard day.
Fräulein Rottenmeier: I am trying to be patient, Klara. But it is the height of impropreity to yawn at the dinner table. A yawn at any time is a sign of disrespect and lack of control. It shows that the attention is wandering and that the young person is not interested in the improvement of her mind.
[Klara giggles]
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Oh!
[Heidi has fallen asleep]

Klara Sesemann: Oh, Papa! I'm so glad to see you!
Sesemann: Oh, darling. Klara, what has happened? I expected - That is, Fräulein told me - But you haven't looked so well since your accident.
Klara Sesemann: Of course. Because I've been so happy. It's Heidi.
Sesemann: Heidi?
Klara Sesemann: My little companion. Thank you a thousand times for letting me have her.
Sesemann: But, uh, Fräulein seems to think she excites you beyond your strength.
Klara Sesemann: I like to be excited, and she makes something funny happen all the time. Oh, Papa, she's the dearest little thing.
Sesemann: Well, my darling, something has had an amazing effect on you.
Klara Sesemann: I didn't have much to look forward to before. Now, when I wake up, I think, "I'm going to spend the day with Heidi!" I don't see why Fräulein doesn't like her.
Sesemann: Nor I. It's very odd.

Heidi: Shall I get ready to go home now?
Sesemann: No. I have another Christmas present for you: a home with us as long as you live.
Heidi: No. I couldn't do that.
Sesemann: Why not?
Heidi: The Grandfather's been waiting for me such a long time.
Klara Sesemann: Oh, Heidi, I hoped you wouldn't want to go now.
Sesemann: But, don't you want to stay here with Klara and be her little sister?
Heidi: Yes. I'd like to be that but I've got to go home.
Klara Sesemann: Papa, I told Heidi you'd let her go if she wanted to.
Sesemann: But you don't understand, dear. You'll be my own daughter. You'll - You'll have clothes like Klara's, everything just like hers, and grow up to be a great lady. Now, wouldn't you like that?
Heidi: No, thank you. I want to go home to my grandfather.
Sesemann: I can't let you do that.
Heidi: But Klara promised!
Klara Sesemann: I...
Sesemann: I'm sorry, Heidi. Someday you'll understand.
[Heidi leaves]
Klara Sesemann: Papa, I did promise you'd send her home.
Sesemann: But dear, you don't know what her grandfather's like. Dete told me that he was a very brutal man feared by everyone. No, Heidi will be much happier here with us.

Fräulein Rottenmeier: [reading] "The quality of a young lady's breeding is indicated by her deportment when elders are present. At such times, her manner should be sedate and diffident."
Klara Sesemann: It's time for them to be here, Fräulein!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Remember, Klara, no excitement. You're still an invalid. "The habit of interruption should always be frowned upon. The well-bred young lady always waits until her elders are silent."
Klara Sesemann: I wonder what she'll be like.
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Your father expects a healthy, unspoiled mountain child of your age to share your studies. Personally, I think the whole plan is a mistake.
Klara Sesemann: Papa thought it might be good for me to have a playmate.
Fräulein Rottenmeier: But you have me. Don't I give you my entire time and devotion?
Klara Sesemann: Yes, and it's very kind of you, but I don't have much fun.

Heidi: I'm afraid the Grandfather will be worried. He didn't know I was going away, so I must go back tomorrow.
Klara Sesemann: Didn't Dete tell you?
Heidi: What?
Klara Sesemann: That you're to live here with me.
Heidi: No, she didn't tell me.
Klara Sesemann: You see, my mama's dead, and my papa's business keeps him in Paris most of the time, and I haven't anyone to play with.
Heidi: I can't live here! I'm going back to the Grandfather right away!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Indeed you are.
Klara Sesemann: No! I like her!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Andrews will take you home in the morning.
Klara Sesemann: No! I want her to stay!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: That is for ME to decide. I know what is best for you, Klara.
Klara Sesemann: No! No! Papa sent for her and you've got to wait till he comes home!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Klara, you're not strong enough for this excitement. You'll make yourself ill.
Heidi: But, Klara, I can't stay!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Quite, dear.

Klara Sesemann: Isn't Heidi the funniest little thing? I'm so glad she's going to stay.
Andrews, the Butler: Is she?
Klara Sesemann: Yes, but she doesn't know it. The poor dear thinks she's going home today. But she'll be happier here, don't you think so? And I'll have some new dresses made for her.
Andrews, the Butler: Do you think you could manage a new hat?

Fräulein Rottenmeier: Such conduct is inexcusable! She shall be punished severely!
Klara Sesemann: Don't you touch her or I'll write papa!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Oh... I'm sorry, dear. Don't excite yourself. I'd forgotten it might upset you. Adelheid, you shall spend the rest of the day in your room.
Heidi: But I can't do that! Aunt Dete is going to take me home!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: Your aunt went away this morning.
Heidi: She... went away? But she's coming back?
Fräulein Rottenmeier: No, she's not. I discharged her.
Heidi: But she's got to take me home!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: I'm afraid not. She cares nothing about you. She told me to sell you to the gypsies.
Klara Sesemann: Oh, Fräulein, don't!
Fräulein Rottenmeier: I doubt whether you will ever see your Aunt Dete again.

Klara Sesemann: Andrews, what is she like?
Andrews, the Butler: Highly intelligent. Don't be mislead by the hat.

"Heidi" (1993)
Klara: We'll have school together.
Heidi: School?
Rottenmeier: Oh yes, you must learn how to read, everyone does.

Klara: And I was so looking forward to having a friend, please don't go, please stay!

[Klara panics when Heidi talks about going back to the mountains]
Klara: No Heidi! This is your home now! You can't talk about leaving, do you hear me you mustn't!