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Gavin "Spinner" Mason (Character)
from "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001)

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"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Drive (#2.6)" (2002)
Spinner: [trying to get tickets to a concert] What about you, Marco? Your mom's in the music biz.
Marco: She teaches piano, Spinner,

[Spinner farts]
Marco: Awwww! Aww man you're sick!
Craig: Spinner! Not in the car!
Spinner: Sorry, excitement makes me fart.

Spinner: Because we are going to party!
Craig: No party, Spin.
Spinner: Girls?
Craig: No girls.
Spinner: Booze?
Craig: No booze.
Spinner: Donuts?
Craig: That we can do!

Sean Cameron: Shut up.
Spinner: No, you shut up.
Sean Cameron: You shut up.
Spinner: Shut up.
Sean Cameron: Shut up.
Spinner: You shut up.
Craig: Why don't you both shut up?

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Against All Odds (#3.9)" (2003)
Marco: No. Seeing naked ladies doesn't burn my eyes out. Besides, I wasn't looking at them.
Spinner: Then what were you looking at?
Marco: The drapes, Spin, the drapes.
[Spinner still doesn't get it]
Jimmy: ...He was looking at the DUDES.

Marco: Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean I'm automatically attracted to you. Are you attracted to every girl?
Spinner: If they're hot.
Marco: Well... you're not.
Spinner: See that's where you're off-base. I mean, let's agree to disagree.

Spinner: I need to sleep in your bed
Jimmy: Spin, I like you, but not like that.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Redemption Song (#5.10)" (2005)
Darcy: Jay? They let you out on parole?
Jay Hogart: I'm off on good behavior. Oh hey, Nuns-R-Us is having a black and white sale, you should really check that out.
Spinner: Funny. You guys always have to do this?

Spinner: It's about time buddy, let's go.
Jay Hogart: looking at the girls in bathing suits a a campout "Sweet mother Mary, who knew Christian girls could be so hot?"
Spinner: Yeah, but trust me, this place is no party.
Jay Hogart: Not yet.
Spinner: No, no, no, what are you doing?
Jay Hogart: I just drove two hours for you. At least let me join your Christian friends for a tasty hotdog or a cool, refreshing beverage.
Spinner: One hotdog, the beer stays in the car, your mouth stays shut and something else stays in your pants. Clear?
Jay Hogart: I don't know. Let me pray on it.

Jay Hogart: Spinner, slow down. I was just about to redefine bible pumping.
Spinner: Nah man, you were just about to take a hike.
Jay Hogart: Praise the lord. Those freaks have really got to you.
Spinner: Have you always been this stupid or am I just noticing it now?
Jay Hogart: Ever since you met miss WWJD, I don't even know who you are anymore. What kind of hold does she have on you, anyways? Is she that good in bed?
Spinner: It's not like that, man. We don't even have sex.
Jay Hogart: No sex. Nothing. Are you kidding me? What's her problem?
Spinner: She believes in something. Is that impossible to get into your twisted little brain?
Jay Hogart: No. Whatever, I just want you to be happy.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Moonlight Desires (#4.19)" (2005)
Principal Daphne Hatzilakos: I'm willing to offer summer school.
Spinner: But that only gives me two credits, that's not enough to graduate. I mean, that's a whole year of my life I have to do over. That's not fair!
Principal Daphne Hatzilakos: What's not fair is that Rick Murray is dead as an indirect result of your bullying.

Spinner: If I'm still serving you ten years from now, kill me.
Jay Hogart: Well, study hard and stay in school. Oh, right. You got us expelled.

Jay Hogart: Look, I know math wasn't your strongest subject, but yearbooks plus fire equals the whole school up in flames. Oh yeah, and us in jail.
Spinner: [smirks, lights a lighter]
Jay Hogart: Put the toy away, fliphead.
Spinner: You're stopping me?
Jay Hogart: Shocking, but true.
Spinner: You're a freak... in the same way that I am!
Jay Hogart: Yeah, well at least I'm not torching the school! Do you want your former friends to suffer? Huh, do you?
Spinner: I want them back!
Jay Hogart: Listen! As your friend substitute, I'm telling you. This isn't the way! It's not.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Holiday: Part 1 (#3.11)" (2003)
Spinner: What's it like being a stud?
Craig: Nerve-wracking.
Spinner: You have Ashley: gorgeous, smart, like a fine wine. Then you have Manny: cute, adorable, hot, like ice cream. But hot. Very hot.

Spinner: Not to mention you're a big stud.
Craig: Well, I get around.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: It's Raining Men (#3.19)" (2004)
Spinner: Ok I guess it's straight eye for the gay guy. Ok... this... Enrique called. He wants his shirt back.
[throws shirt on floor]
Spinner: This, what is this? this is like the whole Oliver Twist thing.
[in old English accent]
Spinner: Please sir, do not wear this. You'll look like an idiot.
[throws shirt on the floor]
Spinner: This... what are you doing? Wrestling cattle?
[goes to throw it, but Marco catches it]
Marco: Do not throw that.

Spinner: Yeah, um, listen... I need to talk to you about your little friend Tommy boy... okay on the down low... the dude's got scabies.
Dylan: What?
Spinner: I saw him in the shower... it's sick... disgusting.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (#2.3)" (2002)
Spinner: I get it. Polar bears are white; I'm white; and you're a racist.

Spinner: So I get it. I can't dance 'cause I'm white.
Jimmy: No, you can't dance 'cause you suck.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: How Soon Is Now? (#2.20)" (2003)
Spinner: Hey. Hey. You're not going anywhere.
Dean: Your mascot came at me.
Spinner: Is that what you think this is?
[Pushes Dean]
Paige: Spin.
Spinner: He deserves it.
Paige: Spinner. Please.
Dean: Waterboy your boyfriend?
Paige: I have one thing to say to you Dean. Get ready because I'm coming after you this time, not like Spinner or the Mascot. For real.

Paige: Hey. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in a hair net?
Spinner: I traded my shift so I could spend lunch with you.
Paige: Wow, lucky me.
Spinner: Um, we're not all like Dean. Some of us are good guys.
Paige: I know. That's why I wanted to ask. Year end dance. Are you going with anyone?
Spinner: [Shakes head] No.
Paige: Well, go with me. I owe you a date anyway, right?
Spinner: Yea, you do.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Pride: Part 2 (#3.5)" (2003)
Marco: Spin, even strangers know, and last night, it wasn't about my shoes. Those guys... they knew . . and they bashed me because they hated. Just like you do!
Spinner: Dude, that's brutal. But you can't compare me with those guys.
Marco: Really? Why not?

Jimmy: What's your problem with Marco?
[points to bathroom wall with "Marco is a fag" that he'd written on it]
Spinner: That's my problem.
Jimmy: So Marco's a fag? What's your next one gonna say? Something about me being black?

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Can't Hardly Wait (#6.3)" (2006)
Jimmy: We are guys. Ergo we don't talk about our sex lives.
Spinner: Well, hair grow, at least you have something to not talk about.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Eye of the Tiger (#4.16)" (2004)
Spinner: Hey. Um, listen man, about the hospital...
Jimmy: Wheels. Chair. It's a wheelchair. Gawk all you want, it's not going away.
Spinner: Dude, I would have come, but things got crazy around here and you know how it is.
Jimmy: I understand. I probably should have been there with you instead of at the hospital getting a bullet removed from my spine. My bad.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Rock and Roll High School (#3.18)" (2004)
Jimmy: [rapping] Our homey is a player / That is all / So why'd you have to go and kick his
Spinner: [rapping] Ball and chain / Ain't that your name / 'Cause you're a playa hater and that's a shame
Jimmy: And chicks like you ain't worth too much
Spinner: So shut up girl and
Jimmy, Spinner: Make my lunch / Yeah!

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Hot for Teacher (#2.15)" (2003)
Spinner: You're a bum and you hang out at my house too much.
Jimmy: That's because you pee on the toilet seat- my mom doesn't want you over!

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Accidents Will Happen: Part 2 (#3.15)" (2004)
Craig: Have you seen Manny?
Spinner: No, uh, seat's open though. Can I ask you a question, dude?
Craig: Sure.
Spinner: [smacks Craig] Are you on crack?
Craig: Ow! What was that for?
Spinner: Dude, you got a girl pregnant and you're just walking around like lalala gonna be a dad no shlabooggle.
Craig: No, I'm not.
Spinner: Where's your future, dude? I mean no keg parties, no Spring Break in Florida...
Craig: For once I want to do the right thing, ya know?
Craig: But you don't have to keep the kid. There are other things you can do.
Craig: This is what I want to do Spin. You don't get it.
Spinner: No, I don't. At all.
Craig: You got a family, alright? I just stay at some guy's house. But Manny and the baby... they're mine. They're for me.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Weird Science (#2.5)" (2002)
Jimmy: C'mon, let's go.
Spinner: Can't. My bat... it's wooden.
Jimmy: Sorry, I couldn't hear you. Sorry?
Spinner: ...I have a boner...
Jimmy: Oh... I don't know what I'm doing...
[hands Spinner his binder]
Jimmy: Here.
Spinner: Great.
[puts binder over his crotch]
Spinner: A binder boner shield.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: I Against I (#5.14)" (2006)
Spinner: Girls, could I interest you in this interesting pamphlet about Jesus?
Paige: Spin, may I suggest methadone to uh, kick the Christian habit?
Spinner: It's not a habit, Paige. It's for life and beyond.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Pride: Part 1 (#3.4)" (2003)
Spinner: I didn't mean 'homo' as in 'gay', I mean 'homo' as in...
Dylan: ...Milk?

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Sunglasses at Night (#6.17)" (2007)
Jay Hogart: Yo gangstas! What's the haps?
Gavin 'Spinner' Mason: Just celebrating Marco's big online poker score.
Jay Hogart: You must be quite the shark, Del Rossi.
Marco Del Rossi: Well, I used to play with my boyfriend.
Jay Hogart: Yes. You're gay. Super.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: High Fidelity: Part 1 (#5.18)" (2006)
Marco: Woah, Spin. You look like you lived through a country song.
Spinner: My dog is fine. The truck runs too.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Ghost in the Machine: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2004)
[Paige is taking Spinner's shirt off]
Spinner: What are you doing?
Paige: What do you mean?
Spinner: Paige!
Paige: What? I'm easy! Everyone knows it. The judge, my mother, now you! Like Dean... just get me alone, do whatever you want. No one will stop you. What? You don't want me?
Spinner: Not right now, no.
Paige: Cause Dean got there first?
Spinner: You have to let that go!
Paige: You want me to just let it go? Like someone was rude or stole my seat at lunch.
Spinner: No, that's not what I... I just, I want my girlfriend back. I want Paige back.
Paige: You don't even know her.
Spinner: That's stupid.
Paige: The truth? Paige went upstairs that night. She never came back.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Holiday: Part 2 (#3.12)" (2003)
Craig: Spinner, Shut up.
Spinner: Yes, Lord Stud.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation: Father Figure: Part 1 (#3.1)" (2003)
Spinner: C'mon JT, you'll love a locker in the main hallway. Do you like tough girls?
JT: Mehh...
Spinner: I said... Do you like tough girls?
JT: Do I!