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Quotes for
Anthony Cigliutti (Character)
from Domino (2005)

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Domino (2005)
Bishop Goon #1: You want me to shoot 'em in the kneecaps?
Anthony Cigliutti: Now, you listen to me. Hold on one second. Ask them politely where the money is. If they don't know, just tell them to start digging their own graves.

[Telephone line ringing]
Anthony Cigliutti: Yeah. Hello?
Zoo President: Mr. Cigliutti? I'm calling from the Zeta Theta Theta house at Cal West LA.
Anthony Cigliutti: Yes, yes. What is it?
Zoo President: I'm sorry to be bothering you. It's a bit of an emergency.
Anthony Cigliutti: What?
Zoo President: Your sons have been kidnapped by these crazy game show hosts.