Eddie Finnerty
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Eddie Finnerty (Character)
from "Grounded for Life" (2001)

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"Grounded for Life: Catch Us If You Can (#1.10)" (2001)
Eddie Finnerty: I hate snow cones!

Man #1: [after Sean catches a baseball during a Yankees game]
[to Sean]
Man #1: Nice going, idiot! Why didn't you let him catch it?
Sean Finnerty: I... ugh! I didn't I didn't mean to, right, Eddie?
Eddie Finnerty: Why are you talking to me, man? I don't... I don't know you and my name's Maurice.

Henry Finnerty: Why are we walking so fast? I want some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.
Eddie Finnerty: Don't be such a cliche, Henry. That annoys me.

"Grounded for Life: I Wanna Be Suspended (#1.3)" (2001)
Eddie: [about the statue of liberty] During the French and Indian War they pretended it was a gift, and when we accepted it, French soldiers jumped out of it and kicked our ass.

Sean: [he, Eddie, and Jimmy and climbing hundreds of stairs inside the Statue of Liberty] Come on Eddie!
Eddie: I'm dead! You killed me!

"Grounded for Life: Take It to the Limit (#2.13)" (2002)
Sean: [to Eddie] Why are you still in my house?
Eddie Finnerty: Why are you so suspicious?
Sean: Why are you answering my questions with questions?
Eddie Finnerty: Why does that concern you?

Sean: [to Eddie] What's this?
Eddie Finnerty: It's a box.
Sean: What's in the box?
Eddie Finnerty: Oh, it's cool.
Sean: It's cool is not an answer, OK? "It's cool" doesn't tell me what's in the box.
Eddie Finnerty: Yes, it does. It tells you it's cool.
Sean: Is it illegal?
Eddie Finnerty: Mm, no, not everywhere.
Sean: Can it explode and kill my entire family?
Eddie Finnerty: I can personally guarantee you that it will not.
[Sean shakes the box]
Eddie Finnerty: Whoa, whoa. That's not smart.

"Grounded for Life: I Saw Daddy Hitting Santa Claus (#2.7)" (2001)
Eddie: [at a Christmas tree lot] No you don't. No... You... Don't. Sorry, folks, it's too late. We're closed.
Man: Can't we just buy that last tree?
Eddie: On Christmas eve? Sorry, folks, you can't wait until now to get a tree, all right? This one has been promised to the Lieutenant Governor. That's right, and you better get out of here, because if he sees you eyeballing his tree... I'm just saying...
Warren: What's going on?
Eddie: It's okay, Steve, I got this one.
Warren: My name is Warren. Who the hell are you?
Eddie: Warren, it's 5:00. You're closed. Take the sign down.
Warren: I close at 6:00.
Eddie: [after pause] I wanna talk to Steve.