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Quotes for
Colleen Powell (Character)
from "Prisoner" (1979)

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"Prisoner: Episode #1.341" (1983)
Colleen Powell: I want you to do a job for me in the library.
Faye Quin: Library, oh God, I hate books!
Colleen Powell: Really, I heard a rumor you used to run one... come on.

"Prisoner: Episode #1.389" (1983)
Colleen Powell: Alright, how much is that?
Barber: Shampoo and style, that's 30 dollars.
Lizzie Birdsworth: Thirty! You gotta be joking. Oh God... 30 bucks and I look the bloody same as when I walked in the joint.
Barber: Oh, I'm sorry but that's the charge for a shampoo and style.
Colleen Powell: No no, thats fine, thank you very much.
Barber: Well, how much does madam Beatrice
[Bea Smith in the prison]
Barber: charge?
Lizzie Birdsworth: A couple of fags! And nothing if she is trying to give them up.