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P.J. Pete (Character)
from "Goof Troop" (1992)

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An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) (V)
P.J.: It is endemic of our culture, that those of large stature are overlooked, except by vultures. With no regard for the depth of our feelings, the passion of our hearts, the beauty of our moments.
Beret Girl: Oh, wise Buddha boy. How could anyone overlook...
[takes his chin in her hand]
Beret Girl: ...such a bundle of yesness? Let's dance!

P.J.: [after hearing the name of a fraternity] Moo moo... Who wants to join a herd of cows?

P.J. Pete: Okay, stay back, man! I have a biscotti, and I'm not afraid to use it.

P.J.: Hey! It's the leaning tower of Cheese-ah!

P.J.: Hey, dudes! Check out who's following us!
[indicates Brad]
Max: Let's just make sure it stays that way.

P.J.: Try hangin' a Louie. No, no, wait, that's the other Louie.
Max: Louie, Huey, Dewey? What are you talkin' about here, huh?
Bobby: Yo, it's right here, it's this way.
Max: Yeah, P.J., Bobby's right.
Max: Um... Hey Bob, um, who's driving?

"Goof Troop: Axed by Addition (#1.3)" (1992)
P.J. Pete: Axed by addition, slain by subtraction.

Pete: What was the name of the unknown soldier? How many feathers does Mum Goose have? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
P.J. Pete: I can't even say that.

P.J. Pete: We have to go to school!
Max Goof: Not if we're sick we don't.
P.J. Pete: Sick? My dad won't let me stay home unless I'm a walking corpse.
Max Goof: We can arrange that.

Pete: [after PJ's up all night studying] Toast son? Two slices or three?
P.J. Pete: 2 plus 3 is 5 minus 2 is 3 minus 2 is 1!
Pete: Okay so you can add, want an egg?
[PJ screams]
Pete: Okay no eggs. Say, don't tell me you want a candy bar for breakfast.
[PJ screams and climbs the wall]

"Goof Troop: Midnight Movie Madness (#1.6)" (1992)
Goofy: [to Max] Creepy movies don't agree with you, son.
Max Goof: What are you talking about?
Goofy: Remember that old witch in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"?
Goofy: You were so scared, you had hiccups for a week!
P.J. Pete: "Snow White"?
Max Goof: No way! I mean, that was pickles.
Goofy: Max, you can't watch Grandma stuff a chicken without getting faint.
Max Goof: The past, Dad. You're talking about the past. I'm 11 1/2 now. Nothing scares me.
P.J. Pete: Except math tests.
Max Goof: That's different, P.J.

P.J. Pete: It was just a movie...
Pete: Just a movie? Didn't you know it was based on a true case?
P.J. Pete: It was?
Pete: I heard it on the news. They say he came in through the bedroom window. Goodnight now.

"Goof Troop: Waste Makes Haste (#1.26)" (1992)
Pete: Well, I want to apologize for being so greedy, and mean, and, well, y'know...
P.J. Pete: [to Max] He says he's sorry!
Max Goof: [to Goofy] He says he's sorry for being himself, pop!

A Goofy Movie (1995)
P.J.: Small wilderness, dude! Didn't expect to see you here!
Max: Apparently not.
P.J.: You're just jealous, man, cos you ain't got the moves!
Max: You can keep the moves, but I wouldn't mind having this R.V. You're so lucky.
P.J.: Me? Oh, come on, man! You're the star. Going to the Powerline concert? Oh, it's unbelievable!
Max: Who told you about that?
P.J.: Hey, come on! Everybody in town knows about it, Max! You are going to be famous, buddy... especially with Roxanne!
Max: There's only one person who doesn't know about it yet, Peej.
P.J.: Who?
Max: My dad.