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DiZ (Character)
from Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)

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Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
DiZ: At last, the Keyblade's chosen one.
Roxas: Who are you talking to? Me? Or Sora?
DiZ: To half of Sora, of course. You reside in darkness. What I need is someone who can move about the realm of light and destroy Organization XIII.
Roxas: Why? Who are you?
DiZ: I am a servant of the world.
DiZ: And if I'm a servant, then you should consider yourself a tool, at best.
Roxas: Was that... was that supposed to be a joke?
[the Keyblade appears in Roxas's hands]
Roxas: 'Cause I'm not laughing!

Roxas: I hate you so much.
DiZ: You should share some of that hatred with Sora. He's far too nice for his own good.

Roxas: What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore.
Naminé: You are...
[Naminé flickers]
Roxas: Naminé!
[Naminé vanishes and DiZ appears]
DiZ: There's no knowledge that has the power to change your fate.
Roxas: Even if it doesn't, I wanna know. I have the right to know!
DiZ: A Nobody doesn't have a right to know. Nor does it even have the right to *be*.

DiZ: Now, for the finishing touches. First, we must dispose of Naminé. She did a splendid job with Sora, but it's high time she disappeared. Roxas isn't the only one who was never meant to exist.

Xemnas: I was wondering who would dare interfere with my Kingdom Hearts. And look - -here you all are. How convenient for me. Ansem the Wise... You look pathetic.
DiZ: Have your laugh. I deserve as much for failing to see you for the fool you are.
Xemnas: Students do take after their teachers. Only a fool would be your apprentice. After all, none of this would have happened without you. YOU are the source of all Heartless. It was your research that inspired me to go further than you ever dared.
DiZ: I admit... my disregard brought chaos to more worlds than one. But what were YOU seeking? You erased me from the world, only to take my name and continue research better left forgotten... Is this the answer you've been looking for?
Xemnas: All that and more. I'm carrying on what you yourself began, and I'm creating a brand new world, one heart at a time. I thought you'd praise me, but all you ever do is hold me back. I understand, though. Unlike me, you have a heart. And you're powerless to control it. Consumed, by the jealousy you feel toward the student who surpassed you.
DiZ: Xehanort. Foolish apprentice of a foolish man. You have surpassed nothing - -only proved how little we both know. We may profess to know the heart, but its essence is beyond our reach. We're both ignorant - -as oblivious as when we began. I'm afraid that any world you try to create... Any world of yours... would be an empire of ignorance. That is why you and your creation are destined to fall!
DiZ: We've said enough! Riku, you know what to do! King Mickey, my friend, forgive me! Farewell!

DiZ: I do not claim to know the outcome of this venture, either. After all... hearts are unpredictable.

DiZ: The process of encoding hearts is incalculable. The inhabitants of my Twilight Town were data created from real hearts. I was convinced that they would think and behave the way I had envisioned - -but I couldn't have been more wrong. A heart is so much more than any system. I saw it when Roxas and Kairi crossed paths. I knew. But I was too stubborn to accept it. It's always the same. I try to wrap my mind around things my heart already knows, only to fail. While I was trying to bring Sora back, I had so many plans in store. But once Sora was an acting force, they fell apart. All my research amounted to nothing, compared with that one boy's heart.

Ansem: I've waited and I want an answer. Just what is it do you want.
DiZ: Revenge.

Ansem: Is it that hard to make a beach?
DiZ: We'd be giving the enemy an entry point.
Ansem: [Shows a pouch of Munny] And this?
DiZ: [Looks back at it] We could always buy Sea Salt Ice Cream.
[laughs and turns back to computer]
DiZ: Items from that town don't belong in the real world. You can delete that.

DiZ: Xehanort. Foolish apprentice of a foolish man.

Ansem the Wise: It's been too long, my friend.
Mickey Mouse: Ansem the Wise. Why didn't you come to me before things got so bad?
Ansem the Wise: Xemnas, the Organization's Superior, is the Nobody of Xehanort, my foremost apprentice. The burden was mine to bear.
Mickey Mouse: Is that all?
Ansem the Wise: I won't deny there was more. I was... obsessed with thoughts of revenge. My apprentices stole everything precious to me: my research, and my pride.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (2010) (VG)
Ansem the Wise: [to Aqua] So many are still waiting for their new beginning. Their birth by sleep. Even me. And even you.

[In the Realm of Darkness]
Aqua: Who are you?
Ansem the Wise: Why, hello. It's not often I get visitors.
Aqua: Please, call me Aqua. Why are you sitting here all alone in the Realm of Darkness? How did you end up here?
Ansem the Wise: Well, I can tell you this is my second time on these shores. But unfortunately, much like the first, I do not remember who I am or whence I came. Everything was washed away in whatever currents carried me here.
Aqua: That's too bad. I know I've been here a long time, wandering through the endless hours, unable to escape.
Ansem the Wise: You wish to return to your own world?
Aqua: [Nods] It's my friends. I promised I'd be there for them.
Ansem the Wise: Your friends? Somewhere in the scraps of memory I have left, you remind me of a boy I once knew. He is very much like you: true to his friends, and kind. This boy travels to many worlds and fights to keep the light safe.
Aqua: Keep the light safe? I've been away too long. Did something happen out there? Are the worlds in danger?
Ansem the Wise: Sad to say, they nearly fell to darkness more than once. But at every turn, that boy arrived with Keyblade in hand to save the day.
Aqua: Huh? Wait a sec. Is his name Terra or Ven?
Ansem the Wise: Neither of those, I'm afraid.
Aqua: [sighs] Should've known.
Ansem the Wise: How long has it been since I met him? At least a year now, perhaps more. Back then, my heart was clouded with vengeance. I did terrible things, both to him and his friends. I brought unhappiness to more lives than one. I felt something must be done. Was that why? A means of clearing my conscience? Or perhaps, out of a sort of scholarly instinct? While the boy slept his long sleep, I hid the results of my research inside him, transplanting the data to where it might best serve a purpose. In fact I would like to believe maybe he can set things right. A boy like him who touches so many hearts, he could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning. Their Birth by Sleep. Even me, and even you.
Aqua: What's this boy's name?
Ansem the Wise: His name is...

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (2007) (VG)
[last lines]
[Riku's story - Reverse / Rebirth]
King Mickey Mouse: Your darkness belongs to you, just the same way your light does. Up till now, I thought darkness was something that should never exist. Then I spent time with you and changed my mind. The road you chose - I didn't know. Light and dark, back to back. With you, I think they might meet in a way nobody's seen before. Wonder where that road leads. I'd like to see myself.
Riku: Hm?
King Mickey Mouse: I'd like to walk the road with ya'.
Riku: Eh heh.
[They shake on it]
Riku: Your majesty, I'm really flattered. I don't know what to say.
King Mickey Mouse: Gosh, Riku. Ya' know, you don't have to call me that now. We're pals.
Riku: Fair enough, Mickey.
[the two exit Castle Oblivion and walk along a grassy path, finding two roads and Diz]
Riku: What are you making me choose now?
DiZ: Between the road to light and the road to darkness.
Riku: Neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road.
DiZ: Do you mean the twilight road to nightfall?
Riku: No. It's the road to dawn.