Evelyn Marsh
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Evelyn Marsh (Character)
from "Twin Peaks" (1990)

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"Twin Peaks: Episode #2.11" (1990)
Evelyn Marsh: [in a bar] Headed somewhere?
James Hurley: I'm sorry?
Evelyn Marsh: Is there some place you're going to, or running from?
James Hurley: [laughs] You got the wrong guy. I'm alright.
Evelyn Marsh: Men are always alright. Right up until they pull the trigger. And then we watch the neighbors solemnly march out to the news cameras to tell us: "He was such a nice, quiet guy."
James Hurley: [chuckles] Well, I'm only quiet on the outside.
Evelyn Marsh: I can almost hear what's inside from here... Live nearby?