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Quotes for
John O'Leary (Character)
from "Father Ted" (1995)

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"Father Ted: The Passion of Saint Tibulus (#1.3)" (1995)
[In their shop, John is trying to get past his wife, Mary, who is slicing vegetables]
John O'Leary: Are you gonna stand there all day, ya fat oul' bitch!
Mary O'Leary: Don't talk to me like that, ya big pile of shite!
[He brushes past her roughly]
Mary O'Leary: Ya ignorant prick!
John O'Leary: You watch that mouth of yours!
Mary O'Leary: I'll watch nothin'!
[She points the knife at him]
Mary O'Leary: I'll stick this up your arse!
[Dougal walks in to the shop. Mary hides the knife behind her back]
Mary O'Leary: Ah, Father!
[John and Mary smile ingratiatingly at Dougal, a perfect couple, once again]