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Devon Berk (Character)
from Inland Empire (2006)

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Inland Empire (2006)
Devon Berk: Kingsley, get to the point.
Kingsley Stewart: On High and Blue Tomorrows is in fact a remake.
Devon Berk: It's a remake?
Kingsley Stewart: Yeah.
Devon Berk: I wouldn't do a remake.
Kingsley Stewart: No, no, no, no. I know. Of course... but you didn't know. The original was under a different name. It was started, but never finished. Now, Freddy's found out that our producers know the history of this film and they have taken it upon themselves not to pass that information along to us. Purposefully. Of course, not me. I assume not to the two of you. True?
Nikki: No... absolutely. Nobody told me anything.
Devon Berk: No, me neither. I thought this was an original script.
Kingsley Stewart: Yeah... well... anyway, the film was never finished.
Nikki: I don't understand. Why wasn't it finished?
Kingsley Stewart: Well, after the characters have been filming for some time, they discovered something... something inside the story.
Devon Berk: Please. Kingsley.
Kingsley Stewart: The two leads were murdered! It was based on a Polish-Gypsy folk-tale. The title in German was "Vier-Sieben: 47". And it was said to be cursed. So it turned out to be.

Nikki: Who was it?
Devon Berk: Disappeared where it's hard to disappear.

Devon Berk: If you're looking for shock value, Marilyn, I suggest you look in the mirror.