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Donner (Character)
from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) (TV)

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) (TV)
Donner: [holding up Rudolph's new nose for him to try on] All right, son, try it on.
Rudolph: I don't wanna. Daddy, I don't like it.
Donner: You'll like it and wear it!
Rudolph: Aw, but Daddy...
[Donner slips the new nose over Rudolph's shiny one]
Rudolph: It's not very comfortable!
Donner: There are more important things than comfort: self respect! Santa can't object to you now.

Santa Claus: Great bouncing icebergs!
Donner: Yeah, I'm sure it'll stop as soon as he grows up, Santa.
Santa Claus: Well, let's hope so, if he wants to make the sleigh team someday.
[to Rudolph]
Santa Claus: You see, little fellow, every year I shine up my jingle bells for eight lucky reindeer.

Mrs. Donner: He's - He's got a shiny nose.
Donner: Sh-sh-sh-shiny? I'd even say it glows.

Mrs. Donner: Well, we'll simply have to overlook it.
Donner: How can you overlook that? His beak blinks like a blinking beacon.

Narrator: Sam the Snowman: Now you can bet that old Donner felt pretty bad about the way he had treated Rudolph, and he knew that the only thing to do was to go out and look for his little buck. Mrs. Donner wanted to go along, naturally, but Donner said...
Donner: No. This is man's work.
Narrator: Sam the Snowman: And no sooner did the man of the house leave when Mrs. Donner and Clarice decided to set out on their own. Now they were really taking their chances, because you see, that little ice boat had run into a pack of mighty-weighted fog.

Clarice: He'll be a hero after this!
Mrs. Donner: Yes, a hero!
Donner: That's my little buck!

Donner: Now don't worry about your nose, son. Just get out there and do your stuff. Remember, you're my little buck.

Hooves of Fire (1999) (TV)
Donner: Can you not speak to me because you love me... or because you just got trampled by a herd of reindeer?

Donner: I looked in the yellow pages under "Wise old mentors who can save the day." There was only one in the area.

Donner: There's something oddly familiar about that fork lift.
Robbie: Hi Donner.

Donner: It must be the last of some rare and endangered species.
Prancer: Great! Let's kill it!

Vixen: At least Robbie's dad got out of this frozen hole. He was a smart reindeer that Ru...
Blitzen: [covers her mouth with a hand] No, no, no, no. I will have that name said in my presence!
Donner: Are you talking about Ru...?
[Blitzen covers her mouth with the other hand]
Reindeer: A German name, wasn;t it? Uh, Ru...
[Blitzen covers his mouth with a hoof]
Prancer: I tell you what, it's a catchy song, I love it. A-one, a-two, Ru...
[Blitzen covers his mouth with the other hoof, causing himself to hang in midair in the middle of the other four reindeer]
Blitzen: [after falling down] Well, if I can't get him, I'll get his son. I will sleep until I have destroyed Robbie!

Donner: You've have to take him on. He needs to beat Blitzen.
Old Jingle: Blitzen? Is Blitzen involved in this?
Donner: You know Blitzen?
Old Jingle: Never heard of him, but he's gotta be stopped!

Robbie the Reindeer in Legend of the Lost Tribe (2002) (TV)
Donner: I got some lighters.
Robbie: I got a fold-out pan.
Prancer: Turntables, mirror ball, speakers... I didn't think there was much nightlife out here, so I packed up my disco. Disco Prancer, it's an essential.

Robbie: You know what the worst part of it is? He made us built our own trap.
Donner: That's it! That's the best news ever.
Prancer: What?
Donner: Every one of us built one part of this. Robbie, what part did you build?
Robbie: Over there.
[points to a shoddily-built corner]
Donner: That's it.
Robbie: Huh?
Prancer: Prancer?
[Prancer blows on corner, planks fall apart]

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (2004) (V)
Donner: Brace yourselves for genius. There can only be one name for this dog. Wanna hear it?
Blitzen: No.
Donner: Murray.
Reindeer: Murray?
Donner: You know, as in "Murray Christmas"?
Blitzen: Oh, my head.