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J.J. Jimenez (Character)
from Clubhouse Detectives (1996)

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Clubhouse Detectives (1996)
J.J. Jimenez: [on how to kill someone without getting caught] I'd drop a body off the Sears tower and put a note in her pocket that said "I've lived a horrible life", everyone would think she committed suicide.

Jimmy: [discussing how to kill someone and get away with it] First I'd cut it up into a million pieces with a chainsaw... then, I'd flush it down the toilet.
J.J. Jimenez: Hey man, I'm eating here.

Billy Ruckman: [shows everyone a picture of Marcela Janowitz] This is the woman that Chambers killed.
Eddie Balser: You said he killed his wife.
Billy Ruckman: I made a mistake... two nights ago when Kade let Boo out, this woman talked to Kade, and asked him where Chambers lived.
Eddie Balser: How do you know it's the woman he killed?
Billy Ruckman: [shows Eddie a sheet of music with Marcela Janowitz written on the top] Read the name on that.
Eddie Balser: Where'd you get this?
Billy Ruckman: Kade got it from Chambers, the morning after he killed her, she must've taken it to his house.
Eddie Balser: So you still think the body's in the freezer?
Billy Ruckman: Oh not anymore, last night he buried her under the house.
J.J. Jimenez: You mean he dug up the cement and buried her?
Billy Ruckman: No, his house is just like ours, in the front there's a crawl space, in the back, there's a small basement.
Eddie Balser: [takes the picture] Give me this... so last night he turned up the music real loud so you wouldn't hear him pulling up the floor boards, and that is where he buried Marcela Janowitz's body.

Billy Ruckman: I'm going into Chamber's house to find the body, who's with me?
J.J. Jimenez: You can't do that, man.
Billy Ruckman: I'll say it again, I'm going in. Who's with me?