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Scott Anspaugh (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: My Brother's Keeper (#4.16)" (1998)
Jeanie Boulet: I can't go to the movies next Friday, but I can go Saturday. Unless you're too cool to hang out with me.
Scott Anspaugh: You are pretty sorry.
Jeanie Boulet: Speak for yourself, Captain Baldy.
Scott Anspaugh: Next month, my hair will grow back, and you'll still be sorry.
Jeanie Boulet: Yeah, well, just for that, I get to pick the movie
Scott Anspaugh: No way. No chick flicks.
Jeanie Boulet: Oh, right, Mr. "Days of our Lives."

"ER: Think Warm Thoughts (#4.11)" (1998)
Jeanie Boulet: If it's bad news, you can worry about it then. Think about something else right now.
Scott Anspaugh: Like what? Rainbows and dandelions?

"ER: A Bloody Mess (#4.17)" (1998)
[notices Jeanie crying]
Scott Anspaugh: It's ok. I've made women cry before.