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Juliane Thomas (Character)
from Die Zürcher Verlobung - Drehbuch zur Liebe (2007) (TV)

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The Affairs of Julie (1957)
Mailman: [smelling smoke in Juliane's apartment] How many rooms are burning so far?
Juliane Thomas: No rooms. Only lies.

Paul Frank: Will that hurt?
Juliane Thomas: Probably. More often than not, the injection isn't working With alcoholics.

Juliane Thomas: Your friend is a horrible person.
Dr. Jean Berner: Without teeth, he would be charming.
Juliane Thomas: Well, we only pulled one out so far.

Juliane Thomas: [when Jürgen is seeking for an excuse to stay at her apartment overnight] What are they exhibiting?
Jürgen Kolbe: Well, pictures - and flowers, at "Planten un Blomen".
Juliane Thomas: Now, in October?
Jürgen Kolbe: Well, hardy flowers.

Paul Frank: Forgive me that it's me.
Juliane Thomas: Forgive me that it's me, too.

Juliane Thomas: Why do you want to make the movie, if you don't like the story?
Paul Frank: I like the characters so much.

Paul Frank: Now, what is supposed to happen in that mountain cabin? I mean, does it happen, or doesn't it?
Juliane Thomas: Of course it happens. But tenderly, on a higher level.
Paul Frank: 2024 metres above sea-level.

Dr. Jean Berner: Juliette?
Juliane Thomas: [expecting a kiss] Yes, Jean?
Dr. Jean Berner: Would you like to take a look at our cabin guestbook?

Juliane Thomas: Jean, you have one big fault.
Dr. Jean Berner: Yes?
Juliane Thomas: None.

Heidi Lauffer: Miss Thomas is already hallucinating.
Juliane Thomas: Can one do anything against that?
Heidi Lauffer: Stop drinking.
Paul Frank: Or continue drinking.

Juliane Thomas: Do you want to postpone filmmaking till I have my own experiences for the ending, too?