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Mr. Tod (Character)
from "Peter Rabbit" (2012)

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"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Radish Robber/The Tale of Two Enemies (#1.1)" (2013)
Lily Bobtail: You shouldn't sneak up like that!
Mr. Tod: I'm a fox! Sneaking is sort of what I do.

Mr. Tod: [smelling the rabbit's radishes] I am quite keen on the peppery flavour of raphanus satavus, as it happens.

Mr. Tod: Come, come, Peter Rabbit. Even your father never tried to outfox a fox.

[Peter, Benjamin and Lily have escaped Mr. Tod's clutches]
Mr. Tod: [picking up a radish] Ah, well. The main dish may have escaped, but the salad is intact.

Peter Rabbit: [heavy-breathing] Okay... I think... we're safe.
[Mr. Tod appears from behind a tree, grabbing Benjamin]
Mr. Tod: I beg to differ. Tonight I shall feast on wild rabbit, with garlic potatoes and...
Peter Rabbit: Carrots?
[throws a carrot at Mr. Tod]
Mr. Tod: What a splendid...
[the carrot ends up in his mouth]
Mr. Tod: [with the carrot stuck in his mouth] ... idea.
[falls down]

Mr. Tod: [exhausted after having been chased by Tommy Brock] May... may I suggest we resume this chase after we both had some sleep?
Tommy Brock: [exhausted] Yeah... Good idea. In the same time, same place tomorrow.
Mr. Tod: Agreed.
[they shake hands. Tommy Brock begins to walk away. Mr. Tod notices a blue string on his jacket]
Mr. Tod: Wait! What's that?
Tommy Brock: [stopping] Huh? It's my back, isn't it?

[Tommy Brock is holding Peter as he stands in front of Mr.Tod's cooking pot]
Mr. Tod: Oh, I do so love a good barbecue.
Peter Rabbit: Me too! Oh, I know a really good blackberry bush for dessert. If I can... just show you...
Tommy Brock: Keep still!
Mr. Tod: No more tricks today, Peter.
[to Tommy Brock]
Mr. Tod: Now, how do you like your rabbit, Mr.Brock? Roasted? Fried?
Tommy Brock: I'm more of a worms bloke myself.
Mr. Tod: [appalled] Worms? Oh, so uncivilized. Maybe you should leave the cooking to me.

Mr. Tod: [about cooking Peter] No, Mr.Brock! We shall not chuck a few worms in to spice it up!
Tommy Brock: You haven't even tried one!
Peter Rabbit: [waiting for Benjamin and Lily to rescue him, in a whisper] Come on, you two, hurry...
Mr. Tod: No! No worms!
Tommy Brock: No worms, no deal!
Peter Rabbit: Hey, hey, hey, hey. I've got an idea. Why don't we all go home, sleep on it, and then you can cook me tomorrow? Agreed?
Mr. Tod: Agreed.
Tommy Brock: Agreed.
Mr. Tod, Tommy Brock: [realizing their mistake] What?
Tommy Brock: [to Peter] Think I'm dumb, do you, rabbit?
Peter Rabbit: Well...

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Greedy Fox/The Tale of the Secret Treehouse (#1.3)" (2013)
Jemima Puddleduck: You ate my oatcakes without asking!
Mr. Tod: Oatcakes? Too plain for me.
[assumes a greedy expression]
Mr. Tod: I'm more of a... meat-eater!

Mr. Tod: [to Jemima, putting his pot on the floor] For such an honored guest, we should use only my largest cooking pot!
[goes consulting a book]
Mr. Tod: [in a whisper] Here we are... my recipe for roast duck.
[Jemima puts her head inside the pot]
Jemima Puddleduck: My, this pot is enormous! I could fit in there myself!
Mr. Tod: [sarcastic] You don't say.

Jemima Puddleduck: [looking at the vegetables on the table] Vegetables? I've never made oatcakes with vegetables before.
[Mr.Tod puts salt on Jemima when she's not watching]
Mr. Tod: Oh, do you... I mean, don't they look delicious? Would you mind terribly putting this orange in your mouth?

Mr. Tod: First a duck, now rabbits. A whole feast right on my doorstep.

Mr. Tod: Jemima, really. Oatcakes must be stirred with one's feet. Surely you knew.
Jemima Puddleduck: [spitting orange] My feet? Oh, me, oh, my. Why didn't you say so, Mr.Tod?
[enters the pot]
Mr. Tod: That's it.

Jemima Puddleduck: [inside the pot] This mixture seems awfully watery for oatcakes.
Mr. Tod: [tasting the mixture] It's almost perfect. Just needs one more thing: the lid!
[is about to close Jemima in the pot. Peter appears before him]
Peter Rabbit: Oh, no, you don't! You leave Mrs.Puddleduck alone. Or else!
Jemima Puddleduck: Peter Rabbit! What a surprise! And just in time to join us for oatcakes.
Mr. Tod: Yes, Peter. Do stay for dinner, I insist.

Mr. Tod: [to the rabbits] I only want to talk to you. Over dinner.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of Benjamin's Strawberry Raid/The Tale of the Lying Fox (#1.2)" (2013)
Peter Rabbit: If I help you, do you promise you won't try to catch me?
Mr. Tod: No, but I'll give you a headstart.
[Peter is about to go away]
Mr. Tod: [stopping Peter] Alright, alright. Rabbit is off my menu for good. Fox's honor.

Mr. Tod: [to Peter] You've got to help me find another way out of here. Please! If you do, I'll... I'll... I'll give you all vegetables in my kitchen.
Mr. McGregor: [running in Peter and Mr.Tod's direction] Come back here, rabbits!
Peter Rabbit: [to Mr.Tod] All of them?
[Mr.Tod positively nods his head]
Peter Rabbit: Ok. Fine. But follow me and stay low.
Mr. Tod: [in a whisper] The only vergetables you're going to see are the ones cooking with you in my pot.

Mr. Tod: Please, Peter, help me and I'll... I'll show you how to find my secret blackberry bush.
Peter Rabbit: I already know where that is.
Mr. Tod: You do? Alright, then: I'll promise not to try and catch you while you eat them.

Mr. Tod: I confess I always wanted to catch you, Peter, but it seems I must leave that honor to Mr. McGregor. I imagine he'll rather enjoy you... in a pie!

Peter Rabbit: [pretending to be trapped in an underground hole] Mr.Tod! Help me! I'm stuck here down the tunnel!
Mr. Tod: Oh, I'll help, alright. Help eat you up!

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of Benjamin's New Map/The Tale of the Wrecked Treehouse (#2.8)" (2014)
Mr. Tod: [to Benjamin] If you're looking for somewhere to rest, there's plenty of room in my cooking pot. A little salt and pepper and you'll make a lovely casserole.
Peter Rabbit: Hey, Mr. Tod! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?
Mr. Tod: I could. Or I could pick on both of you.

Tommy Brock: Hey, what about me worms?
Mr. Tod: Did I say worms? I meant to say: what a beautiful, waaaarm day we're having. Goodbye.

Mr. Tod: Sleeping again, eh, Brock? While you're snoring away, I'll be at the rabbits' home, preparing a magnificent rabbit feast.

Mr. Tod: [finding Lily's drawings] A little primitive, but not bad. I could hang these in the parlor. Or maybe above the bath.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Peek-a-Boo Rabbit/The Tale of Jeremy Fisher's Musical Adventure (#2.7)" (2014)
Mr. Tod: [to Cottontail] Well played, my dear. You gave me quite a fright. What say we play a different sort of game?
Cottontail Rabbit: Yay!
[follows Mr. Tod]
Mr. Tod: Have you ever played hop in the pot?

[Mr. Tod has almost reached home, followed by Cottontail]
Mr. Tod: Not far now, my snack-sized rabbit.

Jeremy Fisher: [having landed on Mr. Tod's lunch table] Terribly sorry to intrude, Mr.Tod. I hope I haven't spoiled your lovely picnic.
Mr. Tod: Spoil it? On the contrary! You improved it.

Jeremy Fisher: I really must get getting back.
Mr. Tod: Oh, no. I absolutely insist that you stay for lunch. It wouldn't be the same without you.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Angry Cat/The Tale of Mr. Tod's Trap (#1.4)" (2013)
Mr. Tod: [singing] Steam and simmer, bake and stew, willow fried barbecue!

Mr. Tod: Nobody can untie one of my special figure 8 rolling hitch double overhand two and a half loop knots!

[Lily is locked in a cage. Mr.Tod is about to eat her]
Peter Rabbit: [on a cliff nearby] Hey, Mr.Tod! Up here!
[Mr. Tod turns around. He sees the shapes of Peter and Benjamin on the cliff. They've made a snow rabbit]
Mr. Tod: You're too late to save your little friend, Peter Rabbit!
Peter Rabbit: You're right! She is little, hardly going to make much of a meal, is she?
Lily Bobtail: Yeah... I'm just a snack compared to our friend Roly over there.
[shows the snow rabbit to Mr.Tod. He has sun in the eyes]
Peter Rabbit: Man, lucky Roly Poly wasn't caught in your trap. Look at the size of him. He'd make a fine breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Benjamin Bouncer: With enough leftover for sandwiches!
Mr. Tod: [looking at the shape of the snow rabbit] Hmm, he doesn't look like he can run away very fast...

Mr. Tod: [his last line in the episode] I should have stayed in bed.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Lucky Four Leaf Clover/The Tale of the Unguarded Garden (#1.7)" (2013)
Mr. Tod: [chasing Peter, Benjamin and Lily] Stop! Wait! Why can't you all run the same way?
[the rabbits are no longer in sight]
Mr. Tod: Well, I could catch you, if I wanted to. I just find running so undignified.

Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bouncer, Lily Bobtail: [as they take fruit and vegetables from Mr.McGregor's garden, singing] Roots, fruits, greens and beans! Roots, fruits, greens and beans! Roots, fruits, greens and beans!
[Mr. Tod is walking by the garden's fence. He hears the song]
Mr. Tod: Hmm, how unusual. A song about food sung by food.

Benjamin Bouncer: [hiding from Mr. Tod by holding two strawberries, scared] I'm a little strawberry, I'm a little strawberry...
Mr. Tod: How considerate. Providing your own strawberry garnish.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Big Move/The Tale of the Lost Tunnels (#1.8)" (2013)
[the rabbits have successfully locked Old Brown, Tommy Brock and Mr. Tod inside the latter's house]
Old Brown: We're trapped!
Tommy Brock: Well, if we're stuck in here, I'll reckon I'll have myself a snooze.
[heavily plops down on Mr. Tod's armchair, causing a table nearby to fall on the floor]
Mr. Tod: Oh, you clumsy oaf! My tea table!
Old Brown: [flapping around] Tea table? What kind of hunter has a tea table, I ask you?
[hits some china with his wing, causing it to fall on the floor and break]
Mr. Tod: My best china! Both of you, stop it! You're wrecking the place. First my table, then my china. Why don't you just knock the walls down and be done with it?
Mr. Tod: [to himself, in a whisper] Hmm, not the walls, but perhaps the door.
[gets closer to the housedoor]
Mr. Tod: [to Old Brown] You're a squawky old feather duster.
Old Brown: [annoyed] Feather duster, am I?
Mr. Tod: Yes, you heard me. You couldn't peck your way out of a wet paper bag!
[turns to Tommy Brock]
Mr. Tod: As for you, you smelly old carpet, you couldn't badge your way out of a balloon!
[both Tommy Brock and Old Brown angrily charge in Mr. Tod's direction. He steps aside, causing the two to crash into the door and knock it down]
Mr. Tod: [getting outside] Wonderful. You are a strong pair of fellows. Now we're free. Free to get those rabbits!

[Mr. Tod, Tommy Brock and Old Brown are chasing the rabbits]
Mr. Tod: Come back here, you terrible...
Tommy Brock: ...tiny little...
Old Brown: ...troublemaking tricksters!

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Hero Rabbit/The Tale of the Falling Rock (#1.14)" (2013)
Mr. Tod: Mice! Come back here and be grabbed!

Mr. Tod: Why not hop in the pot, Benjamin? A hot bath and dinner is so relaxing. And this is both things in one!

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Hazelnut Raid/The Tale of the Broken Bed (#1.13)" (2013)
Mr. Tod: [singing] Not too cold and not too hot. I like rabbits in a pot.

"Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Squeaky Toy/The Tale of the Flying Rabbits (#2.10)" (2014)
Mr. Tod: Peter Rabbit. With his back turned. And it's not even my birthday.