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Quotes for
Winky (Character)
from "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" (1954)

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"Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Beyond the Curtain of Space: Chapter I (#1.1)" (1954)
[first lines of the series]
Rocky Jones: Let's take a look, huh?
[Rocky turns on the videophone]
Winky: Look, we've logged millions of miles this trip and that calls for time off!
Rocky Jones: XB-2 calling Office of Space Affairs - come in, please.

Secretary of Space Drake: Was it a rough trip?
Rocky Jones: More or less... routine, sir.
Winky: Ah, much more more than less less, Mr. Secretary, believe me.

Rocky Jones: Winky, you know I've never questioned an order from Drake before, but I just can't see how it helps bringing a girl aboard on a dangerous mission like this.
Winky: Well, she speaks the Ophesians' language, Rocky, and that's what we'll need if we make a successful landing.
Rocky Jones: I'd rather have an extra pair of fists.

"Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Kip's Private War (#1.20)" (1954)
Winky: That was some election, Rocky. "My people, how can you do this to Pinto Vortando?"
Rocky Jones: Well, we can thank Bobby and Kip. Defeat a man in a fight and he's a martyr, but let him lose his dignity and he's nothing.