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Neri (Character)
from "Ocean Girl" (1994)

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"Ocean Girl: The Safe Deposit Key (#3.22)" (1997)
Dr. Dianne Bates: It's so wonderful to see you again.
Mera: And you, Mother.
Dr. Winston Seth: Ha ha. The lark sings sweetest when all her chicks are home.
Mera: It's good to be back.
Dr. Dianne Bates: We could certainly do with your help.
Mera: I wish that you did not. Your people have caused this. The sea is dying, and other worlds will die with it.
Neri: Sister!
Mera: I do not blame you, Mother. But there is so much to lose.

Neri: Mera and I, we have a plan.
Mera: To get the key while your father sleeps.
Lena Hellegren: Go to the house? No.
Mera: It will only be a small party. Just us.
Lena Hellegren: It's too dangerous. I couldn't.
Mera: I know it's hard, but you can't put loyalty to him ahead of the destruction he's causing.

Mera: You have done well, Sister.
Neri: But we must do more if we are to save this world and our own.

"Ocean Girl: The Earthquake (#1.4)" (1994)
Neri: Safe? Mother and friends, are they... cool?
Brett Bates: Hey, she's starting to speak like a real person these days.

Jason Bates: What are you doing here?
Neri: Talk.
Jason Bates: Not while Vanessa's there. You gotta get outta here.
Neri: Water bad. Go now.
Jason Bates: Why?
Neri: Big shake. Wave will come. Go now.
Jason Bates: What do you mean "shake"? Earthquake?
Neri: Earthquake, earthshake. Go now!

"Ocean Girl: Secrets Out (#2.10)" (1995)
Dr. Dianne Bates: Now it'll be a little bit cramped but don't worry, we'll manage.
Neri, Mera: Thank you, Mother.

Mera: What's wrong? Sister should talk. So you keep saying.
Neri: I help find something under the sea. Something they call "titanium." Mother says if it is learned of, many greedy men will come here and search.
Mera: Well, then, it must be kept secret.
Neri: The one they call Captain already knows. And if he tells others, they will tear the heart out of the ocean. I don't understand. There is everything anyone could want here. Isn't it enough for them?
Mera: You said Father warned. For some men, there is never enough.

"Ocean Girl: Industrial Spy (#1.11)" (1994)
Dr. Dianne Bates: Don't be afraid. I just wanted to say thank you.
Neri: You are... Mother.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Yes. Jason and Brett's mother. Yes.
Neri: Where are they?
Dr. Dianne Bates: You'll see them soon. Neri, thanks. I owe you my life.

Dr. Dianne Bates: When you talk to your friend, is it in words? Like us?
Neri: Different.
Dr. Dianne Bates: How?
Neri: Not words.
Dr. Dianne Bates: What? Sounds? Pictures? Or do you just feel what he says? How's it different?
Neri: Just is.
Dr. Dianne Bates: Oh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I... I just ask too many questions.
Neri: Me too.

"Ocean Girl: Father's Message (#2.3)" (1995)
[Neri listens to a holographic message of her father]
Neri's Father: As the end of my time grew near, I taught you all I could about the ways of the Opal people. In the hope that you would survive and complete our chosen mission. But never forget the message we bring. That as they move into the oceans, they must not despoil and destroy them for trivial gain. For the fate of a whole universe could hang in the balance. This lesson was bitterly learned on our own planet. My beloved daughter, you alone must use your gift to prevent such destruction. Swear it.
Neri: I will, Father.

"Ocean Girl: The Lie Detector (#4.6)" (1997)
Dr. Dianne Bates: I'd really like you to stay here, Neri, but I don't think you'd be any safer. I'm afraid you couldn't count on my authority.
Neri: But you are commander now.
Dr. Dianne Bates: I command ORCA. PRAXIS has power beyond that.
Neri: I will always trust you. That's enough.

"Ocean Girl: Cassandra's Nightmare (#3.11)" (1996)
[Benny is watching Neri and Kal eat]
Benny Malcovitch: They, like, eat and everything?
Brett Bates: Of course they eat, Benny. What did you think?
Benny Malcovitch: Well, I didn't know. I've never met anyone from another planet before.
Neri: [handing Benny some fruit] You eat also.
Brett Bates: I told Benny everything. Even about the Synchronium. He's one of us now.
Benny Malcovitch: It's really true this thing can control the seas?
Neri: Yes. And I feel the day will come soon when it will be needed.
Benny Malcovitch: Amazing.
Neri: So, you will help us in our search for all the pieces, Benny? We must find them before the others do.
Benny Malcovitch: I'll try, but it does kinda feel a little risky.
Kal: Risky. Happy feeling?
Benny Malcovitch: Uh-uh. Scary feeling.

"Ocean Girl: The Ice Melts (#4.24)" (1997)
Mera: Maybe the PRAXIS people are right.
Jason Bates: What do you mean?
Mera: Well, maybe the only way to stop Malakat is by destroying the pyramid.
Neri: Destroying is never the way, sister.
Jason Bates: Yeah, you're right.
Neri: Never a thing that is beautiful.
Jason Bates: And powerful. Just think, if we could harness that power to fix what's wrong with the world...
[Mera quietly laughs]
Jason Bates: What, something funny?
Mera: Just how you always agree with Neri.
Jason Bates: I only agree with her when she's right.
Mera: In that case, she must always be right.
Jason Bates: Yeah, well, she... she is, um... al-almost always right.
Neri: Oh? When am I wrong, Jason?
Jason Bates: Oh, well...
[laughs nervously]
Jason Bates: You know, we... we all make mistakes, sometimes.

"Ocean Girl: Toxic Waste (#1.7)" (1994)
Neri: Your friends will take away the things in the sea?
Jason Bates: Not all of us like messing up the ocean.
Neri: I would like to meet your friends.
Jason Bates: One day.
Neri: ORCA must be a beautiful place. So many things to see.
Jason Bates: Millions.

"Ocean Girl: A Super-Sportsman (#3.7)" (1996)
Kal: Opal people land-dwellers, yes?
Neri: Yes.
Kal: But try to be like fish. Live in sea.
Neri: Under the sea.
Kal: The land surface area of the Earth is approximately 150 million square kilometers. Is not enough?
Neri: They want minerals, more food. Much land is ruined.
Kal: And now they ruin oceans.
Neri: This we fear. That is why the Synchronium was sent to Earth. It must be found.

"Ocean Girl: Day Pass (#1.8)" (1994)
Brett Bates: These hairy red things are great. What are they called?
Neri: I call them "the hairy red things." Here. Have some banana juice. Try. Is good.
Brett Bates: How do you get juice out of bananas?
Neri: I stomp on them with my feet.
[Jason spits out the banana juice]
Neri: What? Don't you like?
Jason Bates: Um, no, it's fine. I was just not as thirsty as I thought I was. Uh, plus it's time to go back.
Brett Bates: Yeah. People are starting to wonder where we get to. Is it okay if I take some of these?
Neri: Food good?
Jason Bates: Uh, yeah, it was great.
Neri: You enjoy your visit?
Brett Bates: Mmm-hmm.
Neri: Now it is your turn. I come visit your place.
Jason Bates: You mean ORCA?
Neri: Mmm-hmm. Tomorrow.

"Ocean Girl: Stranded in the Desert (#4.5)" (1997)
Brett Bates: Uh, Dad, this is Neri.
Paul Bates: Pleased to meet you, Neri.
Neri: You are the father?
Paul Bates: [chuckles lightly] Ever been in a helicopter before?
Neri: Don't fly. Swim.

"Ocean Girl: Set Adrift (#1.2)" (1994)
Neri: You eat bad berries. Drink, or you go away forever.
Brett Bates: You don't mean... die?
[Neri nods; Brett drinks from cup]
Neri: Now you sleep. I must go be wet.
Brett Bates: Huh?
Neri: If I am away from water long, I feel bad. Sick. I be back soon.
Brett Bates: Who are you? What's your name?
Neri: Neri.

"Ocean Girl: Where No Whale Swims (#2.2)" (1995)
Dr. Dianne Bates: And now that you're back, you can help us if you like.
Neri: Yes, Mother. I may still call you Mother?
Dr. Dianne Bates: Of course.
[hugs Neri]
Dr. Dianne Bates: Always.

"Ocean Girl: Romance (#1.9)" (1994)
Neri: Who lives here?
Jason Bates: It's a church.
Neri: Church?
Jason Bates: Kind of, like, God's house.
Neri: Big house. God has many friends.

"Ocean Girl: Gamma Level: Radioactive (#3.16)" (1996)
Patti: I just wanted to be like a normal person. But I'm not normal, am I?
Neri: Is it so important to be normal? You are special. I can tell. But I do not think you know it.
Patti: You sound so gentle. I know you have a lovely face.

"Ocean Girl: Winston and Water (#3.6)" (1996)
Neri: Synchronium will make Earth well. Make oceans of Earth well. Must do. Oceans may soon be in much danger. People of the Earth are not wise. They make the sea poisoned. Oceans can then die. Because nothing will grow. Reef will go, plants will go, all fish will die. If oceans die, whole planet Earth can change course. Whole universe will fall into chaos. Destroy even our own planet, Planet of the Oceans. So, oceans of Earth must not die. Must be saved.

"Ocean Girl: The Attack (#4.19)" (1997)
Neri: Come.
Mera: Must I? I can't get used to the clean, clear sunlight. No Red Virus and no death in the oceans.
Neri: But here is not safe.
Mera: I thought you said the whole island was safe.
Neri: Jason says we must be careful now. Stay where it is hard to find.
Mera: [smiles] Well, if Jason says so, it must be right. Hmm?
Neri: Jason cares for us.
Mera: [laughs] Almost as much as you care for him.
Neri: You make big talk about nothing.