Prof. Victor Bergman
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Prof. Victor Bergman (Character)
from "Space: 1999" (1975)

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"Space: 1999: Black Sun (#1.10)" (1975)
Prof. Victor Bergman: Sixty year old brandy. I've been saving it for ten years, just waiting for a proper occasion to celebrate. Well, not everybody might think this was a celebration, but it is to me. If ever there was an occasion, this is it.
Cmdr. John Koenig: To everything that might have been.
Prof. Victor Bergman: To everything that was.

Prof. Victor Bergman: [impatiently] Come on, come on...
Computer Voice: Hypothesis proven. It is your duty to... report this danger... to... the Commander.
Prof. Victor Bergman: [talking over the computer voice] Yeah, one jump ahead of you, computer.

"Space: 1999: Another Time, Another Place (#1.16)" (1975)
Cmdr. John Koenig: [speaking with a future Victor] It certainly seems to be working.
Prof. Victor Bergman: It was a choice, a decision that had to be made at the very beginning. If this community had failed, there could be no going back.
Cmdr. John Koenig: I think it was a wise decision.
Prof. Victor Bergman: You should know; you made it.

"Space: 1999: The Full Circle (#1.15)" (1975)
[last lines]
Dr. Helena Russell: Under the skin, do you think we've changed all that much in forty-thousand years?
Prof. Victor Bergman: Do you think we ever will?
Cmdr. John Koenig: Maybe. Just maybe. I'll let you know in forty-thousand years.

"Space: 1999: Ring Around the Moon (#1.19)" (1976)
[last lines]
Cmdr. John Koenig: Why so pensive, Victor?
Prof. Victor Bergman: Oh, I was just thinking about that planet, Triton. All that knowledge, and yet...
Prof. Victor Bergman: Perhaps knowledge isn't the answer after all.
Cmdr. John Koenig: Then what is?

"Space: 1999: Force of Life (#1.2)" (1975)
[first lines]
Cmdr. John Koenig: What do you make of it, Victor?
Prof. Victor Bergman: Not much. It's a new one on me.

"Space: 1999: End of Eternity (#1.12)" (1975)
Prof. Victor Bergman: Well, we're lucky we survived.
Cmdr. John Koenig: It was our fault. We unleashed him.
Dr. Helena Russell: We meddled. We interfered with another people's justice. We must learn to leave some things alone.

"Space: 1999: War Games (#1.4)" (1975)
[last lines]
Cmdr. John Koenig: I'd almost forgotten.
Prof. Victor Bergman: Forgotten what?
Cmdr. John Koenig: I can't remember.
Dr. Helena Russell: I remember. A world without fear. It was very strange... but beautiful. We've lost it.

"Space: 1999: The Last Sunset (#1.17)" (1976)
[first lines]
Prof. Victor Bergman: A sun like ours. Planet Ariel with its atmosphere. It's a perfectly balanced little solar system.

Journey Through the Black Sun (1976) (TV)
Victor Bergman: Ultimately, I suppose, we all believe what we want to believe. I guess that's what reality is. One thing, though. The line between science and mysticism... is just a line.

"Space: 1999: Mission of the Darians (#1.9)" (1975)
[first lines]
Prof. Victor Bergman: Twenty miles long by five miles wide.
Cmdr. John Koenig: One hundred square miles of space ship.