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Quotes for
Cilla Battersby-Brown (Character)
from "Coronation Street" (1960)

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"Coronation Street: Episode #1.5889" (2004)
Cilla Brown: [Cilla answers the door to Janice]
Cilla Brown: You're calling at a very inconvenient time.
Janice Battersby: Oh, shame. Is Les in?
Cilla Brown: Anything you have to say to Les, you can say to me.
Janice Battersby: Er... right. What if I was going to say, 'Les, you're going out with an ugly, evil monster. Bin it!'?

"Coronation Street: Episode #1.6017" (2005)
Cilla Brown: [after Roy has taken Chesney to the airport] You call the airport and I call the police, Hayley. Now before your lady's done a bing-bong, there'll be armed police swarming all over him!
[Hayley puts the phone down slowly and angrily]
Cilla Brown: There's a good girlie-boy!