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Shelley Unwin (Character)
from "Coronation Street" (1960)

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"Coronation Street: Episode #1.6121" (2005)
Shelley Unwin: [Shelley arrives at a pedestrian crossing in her wedding dress, prompting a perplexed look from an old lady] I jilted him! I can do better.
Old Lady: Good for you, love!
Shelley Unwin: Yeah, good for me!

"Coronation Street: Episode #1.6184" (2005)
[Violet is recounting Fred and Bev's furtive early-morning goodbye]
Shelley Unwin: And then he kissed her?
Violet Wilson: No, she kissed him.
Betty Turpin: Mouth or cheek?
Violet Wilson: [Chuckling] Does it really matter?
Betty Turpin: Does it matter! "Passion meek - on the cheek. Marriage job - on the gob!"
Shelley Unwin: Oh, Betty, don't say that! How could you?
Betty Turpin: Well, that's what we used to say.
Violet Wilson: It was on the cheek.
Shelley Unwin: Well, I'm still not too happy about it.
Betty Turpin: With his reputation for proposing, you know, they'll have fixed a date already!

"Coronation Street: Episode #1.6119" (2005)
[at the altar, Shelley has just told the vicar and congregation that she will not marry Charlie]
Charlie Stubbs: Sorry about this, mate. She's been having a few problems upstairs!
Shelley Unwin: Yes, I have, and I thought it was me but it's not. It's you, Charlie! I was okay till I met you. Everyone kept telling me you're destroying me, that you go with other women. And I kept denying it and denying it and denying it 'cos I was so scared of losing you. But you *are* destroying me. You do go with other women. I've seen it with my own eyes! And you made me feel it was my fault! You made me feel scared, you made me feel inferior. I can't trust you! I can't marry you!
[she flees the church]
Blanche Hunt: Do you think they wrote their own vows?