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Jr. (Character)
from Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (2002) (VG)

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Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse (2004) (VG)
Sakura Mizrahi: What's wrong, Rubedo?
Jr.: I... I can't hear it... My right chest... I can't hear my other heartbeat anymore...
Sakura Mizrahi: Is that why you're crying?
Jr.: Leave me alone! I just tore away half of my body with my own hands... The me that's here... i-isn't me anymore!

Captain Vanderkam: Why is this damn thing not working?
[Jr. heard something from the Nalgfar]
Jr.: External speakers?
Nalgfar Soldier: We have mobilized all units, but we're all exhausted from training earlier. May I -
[Captain Vanderkam smacks the soldier]
Captain Vanderkam: Line up, maggots! Did you pansies already forget your training? Do you know how bad you made me look? Listen to me! What you think means nothing! What you want means nothing! You do as I say! I am the boot in your buttocks! You! What is your problem? Were you born that dumb or did your drunk mama slap you on the wrong end when you squirted out? Why are you laughing? Do I amuse you? I'm tired of all you pantywaist nitwits! You make me physically ill! Drop and give me a million! I will break you!

Albedo: As my duty as an immortal, I've prepared a brand-new world view for mankind. When I temporarily linked with U-DO, I climbed the ladder of evolution, and saw the leaning tower of culture that humans have struggled to construct. It's not even a tower, really, it's a scaffold of rotting wood, built with meager knowledge and pitiful tools. But a nice guy would tell them the truth, would he not? 'Hello! You've got it all wrong!'
Jr.: What are you gonna do with this region of space?
Albedo: Who knows? Perhaps I'll cause a shift and push this whole dimension into a high-order domain. Don't be afraid: We low-dimension creatures will move en masse to a higher plane! It'll be glorious! The true eternal chain! The fulfillment of that which we lacked! The evolution of mankind, and the evolution of the very world itself that watches over us! Happy days are here! They'll name a holiday after me! That is, assuming they even have the concept of holidays on the other side!