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Quotes for
Merle (Character)
from Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)

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"Escaflowne" (1996)
[Merle is looking at Hitomi's pendant after going through her duffel bag.]
Merle: That's a pretty stone... I think I'll keep it!

[Hitomi is teaching Van how to dowse by searching for Merle.]
Hitomi Kanzaki: Wait until you see her. Those long, pointy ears... the tail... that curly hair, those really big eyes... that obnoxious personality... that big mouth... and what's with that nose?
Merle: That's it! I'm going to use her as a scratching post!

[After Van can't find Merle with Hitomi's dowsing technique, Hitomi finds Merle and points at the bush where she's hiding.]
Hitomi Kanzaki: There!
Merle: Yeah, like I'm gonna stand up!
Van Fanel: Merle!
[Merle gasps and jumps up into sight]
Merle: Here I am, Lord Van! You found me!

Merle: Why the heck did I get stuck with the bench?

Merle: That is one weird girl.

Van Fanel: She's not a handmaiden. She's with me.
Princess Milerna: Oh?
Merle: Ohhh! No! She's with Allen!
Princess Milerna: She's with Allen?
Hitomi Kanzaki: No! I'm not! I mean . . .
Princess Milerna: Oh, dear! I saw you wearing those strange clothes and I just assumed that, well . . . you know.
Merle: That's an insult to handmaidens.
Hitomi Kanzaki: Bad kitty!

Princess Milerna: That dress looks great!
Merle: You look good enough to be a handmaiden.
Hitomi Kanzaki: Are you trying to pick a fight?
Merle: Fighting's not very lady like.

Merle: Mrow. I never get bored of watching you. You're crazy.

Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)
Merle: you ARE strange
Hitomi Kanzaki: [gets mad] I don't want you calling me that.
Merle: here.
[throws her water]
Merle: so are you the REAL goddess of wings?
Hitomi Kanzaki: I dunno...
Merle: But its about you, isn't it?
Hitomi Kanzaki: I... don't even know where I am.
Merle: Isn't that called stupidity?