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Folken (Character)
from Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)

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Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)
Hitomi Kanzaki: [Hitomi falls out of the Escaflowne] Who are you?
Van: [grabs her] You are... are you the goddess of wings?
Folken: [Hitomi flashback] You are the goddess of wings
Hitomi Kanzaki: [looking frightened] Wings?... what are you talking about?
Van: I'm a descendant of the Dragon Clan. My name is Van. I will obey your wishes and orders Goddess of Wings... for the purpose of leading Gaea to your will.
Hitomi Kanzaki: I...
Van: I will don this armour... known as the Escaflowne and eliminate anything that gets in the way of your will. Anything.

Van: [to Folken, struggling to get up] Even if...
Hitomi Kanzaki: [worried] Van.
Van: You destroy all of Gaea... your sadness will not go away.
Folken: How would you know?