Shuya Nanahara
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Biography for
Shuya Nanahara (Character)
from Battle Royale (2000)

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Shuya Nanahara is one of the key characters of Battle Royale, and only one of two to survive the ordeal. At some point in his teenage life, his father hung himself, eaving him parentless. Shuya was sent to an orphanage where he became good friends with classmate Kuninobu. After Kuninobu's early death, Nanahara vows to protect the girl that caught his friends eye: Noriko Nakagawa.

Nanahara was one of the popular kids of his class, and as such had many friends. He interacts with alot of these students, such as Mimura, Utsumi, and Sugimura, who saves him from death at the hands of Kiriyama. As he experiences his friends die around him, Nanahara learns to fend for himself. He brings a cache of wepons to his ally Kawada although he is much too weak from his battle with Kiriyama to be relied on.

Kawada reveals his plan to Nanahara and Noriko. He pretends to kill them both so they can beat the system by escaping together. In the dramatic climax of the film, Nanahara shoots Kitano after he threatens to kill Noriko. He flinches while he does this, showing his reluctance to kill yet fulfilling his promise to Kuninobu to protect Noriko. The film ends with the two holding hands and escaping into the early morning, wanted for murder.

Nanahara is also a main character in BR2; however, that movie was no good.

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