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Autloc (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Temple of Evil (#1.27)" (1964)
Tlotoxl: Does the High Priest of Knowledge only worship him who has fallen, and not him who has made us strong?
Autloc: I worship the same God as you.
Tlotoxl: This day we honor Tlaloc's name.

"Doctor Who: The Bride of Sacrifice (#1.29)" (1964)
Autloc: In the annals, there is the myth of the five suns of the sky. Name them.
Susan Foreman: The first was known as Four Tiger, the second, the Sun of Air, the third, the Sun of Fire and Rain, the fourth, the Sun of Water, and finally, the present one, the Sun Of Man.
Autloc: Excellent Susan.

"Doctor Who: The Warriors of Death (#1.28)" (1964)
Tlotoxl: Destroy him, Ixta!
Autloc: Yetaxa forbids it!
Tlotoxl: A false goddess forbids it. Destroy him!
Barbara Wright: Stop!
Tlotoxl: Your place is in the temple!
Barbara Wright: I am loyal to those who serve me.
Tlotoxl: If you are Yetaxa... save him!