Charlotte Bartlett
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Charlotte Bartlett (Character)
from A Room with a View (1985)

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A Room with a View (1985)
Charlotte Bartlett: I shall never forgive myself.
Lucy Honeychurch: You always say that, Charlotte, but you always do forgive yourself.

Charlotte Bartlett: We all have our little foibles, and mine is the prompt settling of accounts.

Charlotte Bartlett: I would like to thank your father personally for his kindness to us.
George Emerson: You can't. He's in his bath.

Charlotte Bartlett: In my small way I am a woman of the world. And I know where things can lead to.

Lucy Honeychurch: Why need mother hear of it?
Charlotte Bartlett: Well, you tell her everything, don't you?
Lucy Honeychurch: I suppose I do, generally.
Charlotte Bartlett: There's such a beautiful confidence between you. One would hate to break it. And as I have said before, I am to blame.
Lucy Honeychurch: I wouldn't want mother to think so.
Charlotte Bartlett: She will think so, if you tell her.
Lucy Honeychurch: I shall never speak of it, either to mother or to anyone.
Charlotte Bartlett: We will both be as silent as the grave.

[first lines]
Charlotte Bartlett: This is not at all what we were led to expect.
Lucy Honeychurch: I thought we were going to see the Arno.
Charlotte Bartlett: The signora distinctly wrote, South rooms, with a view and close together, instead of which she has given us North rooms without a view and a long way apart.