Joe Carraclough
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Joe Carraclough (Character)
from Lassie Come Home (1943)

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Son of Lassie (1945)
Joe Carraclough: Laddie, you get bigger but you never grow up, does he, Lassie?

Joe Carraclough: No matter what anyone says, Laddie, you're still the finest champion ever.

Joe Carraclough: You know something, Laddie? You've got to understand something before we go back home this time. One of the little things about war is you can't have your dog. You're a very little thing for me to give up... many are giving up their children. I suppose when I have a child... feeling something like this... it probably won't be anything like it. Perhaps I'll never know about it. But, anyway, I know about you. I won't see you anymore.

Priscilla: [Running after Joe as he is about to leave for the war] Joe! Joe! Aren't you going to say goodbye?
Joe Carraclough: You know your grandfather would never approve of... us.
Priscilla: Then you know how I manage him. But what does it matter if you don't love me.
Joe Carraclough: Who said I didn't love you?
Priscilla: Then say it, Joe. Go on. Say it. Please say it, Joe!
Joe Carraclough: [Starts to leave but turns back] I do love you.
Priscilla: I'll be waiting!

Lassie Come Home (1943)
Mrs. Carraclough: Oh, well. Ye may as well know it right off. Lassie won't be waiting for ye at school anymore.
Joe Carraclough: Why not? What's happened?
Mrs. Carraclough: Because she's sold; that's why not.

Joe Carraclough: Ye're my Lassie come home.