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Frazz Davis (Character)
from "Press Gang" (1989)

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"Press Gang: Photo Finish (#1.2)" (1989)
Frazz Davis: I've got it! All twelve star signs. What's yours, Lynda?
Lynda Day: Haemoglobin.
Frazz Davis: Haemo... haemoglobin?
Kenny Phillips: Have you got tarmac?
Frazz Davis: Tarmac?
Sarah Jackson: How 'bout zinc?
Julie Craig: Or helium?
Danny McColl: What about carbohydrate?

Frazz Davis: Lynda, I've had a thought...
Lynda Day: Lie down. It will go away.

Spike Thomson: What do we have, Frazz? We must have something.
Frazz Davis: Well, I've got a comb and I've got some chewing gum.
Spike Thomson: Yeah, we could always try bribery.

"Press Gang: Page One (#1.1)" (1989)
Spike Thomson: [Frazz is writing the horoscopes, yet he does not know all of the star signs] Cancer?
Frazz Davis: [Rubs chin] Nah, I think it's just spots.

Mr. Vader: Plague of zombie rats? Are you sure?
Frazz Davis: Zombie rats, yeah. That's if you're a Pisces.
Mr. Vader: Well, I don't hold much stock in astrology myself.
Frazz Davis: Nah, neither do I. Lynda wanted me to do an astrology column, but I said, y'know, I'd rather do the horoscopes. She didn't seem to mind.