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Sarah Jackson (Character)
from "Press Gang" (1989)

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"Press Gang: Photo Finish (#1.2)" (1989)
Sarah Jackson: [Lynda takes her ruler from Sarah] What are you doing?
Lynda Day: See where it says ruler? Well that's who it belongs to.

Lynda Day: [Spike and Frazz walk over] That's all we need, the Three Stooges.
Sarah Jackson: There's only two of them.
Lynda Day: Yeah, do you think they know that?

Frazz Davis: I've got it! All twelve star signs. What's yours, Lynda?
Lynda Day: Haemoglobin.
Frazz Davis: Haemo... haemoglobin?
Kenny Phillips: Have you got tarmac?
Frazz Davis: Tarmac?
Sarah Jackson: How 'bout zinc?
Julie Craig: Or helium?
Danny McColl: What about carbohydrate?

"Press Gang: Page One (#1.1)" (1989)
Sarah Jackson: Spike, do you think television has influenced your behaviour in any way?
Spike Thomson: Uh, yeah. These days I never swear until after nine o'clock.