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Lynda Day (Character)
from "Press Gang" (1989)

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"Press Gang: There Are Crocodiles (#5.6)" (1993)
[first lines]
Lynda Day: Okay, it's like this. There's a tribe living by a river, and in the river there are crocodiles. The tribe has one particular piece of wisdom passed down through the generations. It goes like this: if you happen to meet a crocodile, don't stick your head in its mouth. Every now and then - and who knows the reason - people ignore this advice. Which is sad. Because they die. But very stupid because they were warned. They had a choice. The moral of the story is this: you can't afford to be stupid. There are crocodiles.

Julie Craig: You're late.
Lynda Day: You're fired. I win!

"Press Gang: UnXpected (#4.2)" (1992)
Lynda: Maybe I'm finally learning that being smart and being right isn't a license to treat people like dirt.
Spike: Lynda, you're talking all kind of sane, and nice!
Colonel X: Nobody move! I am Colonel X.
Spike: Oh! Now I get it, this is a dream.

"Press Gang: The Rest of My Life (#2.10)" (1990)
Spike Thomson: [about Mary] I'd never actually spoken to her at school. I'd seen her, I knew who she was, but I never actually spoke to her. It's strange, I'm talking about a girl I've never even really met,
[holding back tears]
Spike Thomson: , but I feel like I've known her...
Lynda Day: For years, right?
[Spike is silent]
Lynda Day: Forever?
Spike Thomson: [breathing heavily] For the rest of my life.

"Press Gang: Going Back to Jasper Street (#2.3)" (1990)
[Knocking on a door]
Kenny: Remember we used to do this and run away?
Lynda: I ran away. You stayed and apologized.

"Press Gang: One Easy Lesson (#1.3)" (1989)
Lynda Day: Are you telling me, Colin, that you have spent Gazette money on a hundred thousand defective half ping pong balls?
Colin Mathews: It's a bargain.

"Press Gang: Deadline (#1.4)" (1989)
Lynda Day: [Colin needs to get a picture for the paper before the deadline] Mission accomplished?
Colin Mathews: Mission impossible.

"Press Gang: Yesterday's News (#2.11)" (1990)
[last lines]
Spike Thomson: [to Lynda] You know, when you're feeling that you might be checking out on a permanent basis, and talking to someone who's doing just that...certain things become a lot clearer to you, you know, like, what you're gonna miss when you're gone, what you really care about. Look, what it comes down to is this. I love you, Lynda. I mean I really love you. You know, it's the whole deal, the works, forever, everything, right? And that kind of brings me around to a rather obvious question...and, so, because I'm trying to get through this quickly, couldn't you give me a speedy reply?
Lynda Day: [looking upset] I care about you, a lot.
Spike Thomson: [almost pleading] I love you, Lynda.
Lynda Day: [on the verge of tears] You're very, very important to me.
Spike Thomson: I love you.
Lynda Day: [shaking her head] I'm sorry.
Spike Thomson: [shortly] Yeah, so I figured.
[Spike gets up and Lynda sheds a silent tear]
Spike Thomson: Well, what do you know boss? We're Yesterday's News!