Ky Kusanagi
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Ky Kusanagi (Character)
from The King of Fighters (2010)

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The King of Fighters (2010)
Kyo Kusanagi: I'm not strong enough.
Iori Yagami: You have to be. We don't have a choice.
Kyo Kusanagi: What if I'm not?
Iori Yagami: Then we all die.
Kyo Kusanagi: A great pep talk.

Rugal: [Kyo appears in the tournament dimension and sees Rugal] You're not mine. I must have the wrong number.
Kyo Kusanagi: This is the tournament, isn't it?
Rugal: You're new at this.
[Kyo prepares to fight as Rugal approaches him]
Kyo Kusanagi: This is what we do here right? We fight?
[Kyo strikes at Rugal who easily blocks. Rugal roundhouse kicks Kyo through a door. Kyo comes flying through another door further down the hallway]
Rugal: That's not fighting. Technically that's you taking a beating.