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Mizuho Kazami (Character)
from "Please Teacher!" (2002)

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"Please Teacher!: Yappari suki kamo (Actually, I Think I Love You) (#1.4)" (2002)
Mizuho Kazami: [Kazami looks a little dizzy from drinking] It's strange that the people of the earth like drink alcohol
Kei Kusanagi: You should not drink if you're not accustomed
Mizuho Kazami: I had no choice, I'm already an adult.

Kei Kusanagi: I want to know what are your feelings, Don't you want to know mine?
Mizuho Kazami: In a place like this?
Kei Kusanagi: We haven't done anything yet
Mizuho Kazami: But... I did
Kei Kusanagi: Huh?, Do what?
Mizuho Kazami: I kissed you
Kei Kusanagi: Eh?
Mizuho Kazami: Sorry...
Kei Kusanagi: When?
Mizuho Kazami: A while ago.
Kei Kusanagi: A while ago?, But I was... unconscious... really?
Mizuho Kazami: Sorry...
Kei Kusanagi: But... It was my first kiss.
Mizuho Kazami: It was... my first kiss too.

"Please Teacher!: Mazuiyo seinsei (This Isn't Right, Teacher) (#1.3)" (2002)
Principal: Kusanagi, Miss Kazami, please support each other
Kei Kusanagi: Yes
Principal: I think I can understand you two
[getting a hand in the pocket of his jacket]
Principal: that's because
[Take out a photo. The picture shows the director who is smiling embraced a young girl]
Principal: My wife is a graduate from here.
Mizuho Kazami: How young...
Kei Kusanagi: How old is she?
Principal: Huh?
Mizuho Kazami: [giggles] Nevermind.

Konoha Edajima: [Kazami walks using a wedding dress] It's an old dress, it fits you nicely.
Kei Kusanagi: But, why?
Konoha Edajima: It's a little sad to settle it all through paperwork, that's why we thought that a ceremony would be good.
Kei Kusanagi: Ceremony?
Mizuho Kazami: I'm happy that I got a chance to wear a bridal dress from Earth.
Konoha Edajima: From Earth?

"Please Teacher!: Mô, omuko ni ikemasen (I Can't Get Married Anymore) (#1.2)" (2002)
Hyosuke Magumo: Teacher, do you know about the UFO sighting?
[Kazami drops the books as a sign of surprise]
Hyosuke Magumo: .
Kei Kusanagi: [Voice Over] She's obviously surprised.
Mizuho Kazami: Why do you ask me such things?
Hyosuke Magumo: Because you're the teacher!