Monkey D. Luffy
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Monkey D. Luffy (Character)
from "One Piece" (1999)

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Dream 9 (2013) (TV)
Son Goku: This meat is really good!
Toriko: Legendary meat is obviously delicious. But it's not only the meat. Look!
[sees everyone enjoying themselves]
Toriko: It's because we're eating together. When we eat together, the flavor of the food becomes even more fabulous!
[Goku and Luffy continue eating]
Toriko: HEY! Are you listening?
Luffy: What?

[after beating Akami]
Luffy: I... I... I can't move an inch...
Toriko: I... I... I'm exhausted.
Son Goku: I... I... I'm hungry!
Luffy: Me too!
Toriko: It's decided! Time to eat again, everyone!
Son Goku: Yeah, back to the table!
Luffy: [cheers] A banquet!