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Terry Bogard (Character)
from Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (1994)

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The King of Fighters (2010)
Terry Bogard: could SOMEBODY please tell me how I can be in the most technologically advanced country in the world and not get one decent surveillance camera?
Junior Agent: I don't know.
Terry Bogard: Don't all answer at once.

Chizuru Kagura: The tournament takes place in another dimension.
Terry Bogard: Don't give me that bullshit about dimensions.
Scott Hana: Well, actually string theory supports the idea of over ten or eleven different dimensions occupying the same time capsule as this one.
Terry Bogard: You got beat up a lot as a kid, didn't you?

Terry Bogard: Look, I'm trained to believe in the tangible, not the bullshit story you're telling me. People are dying, and you want me to believe you and your crazy stories.
Chizuru Kagura: No, but you'll believe Mai.
Terry Bogard: Who's Mai?
Chizuru Kagura: The undercover operative you assigned to infiltrate our organization a year ago.
Terry Bogard: [a little embarrassed] Oh, THAT Mai.

Terry Bogard: Hey, I'm not the one pitting two of our suspects together in a vicious love triangle that threatens to unleash an evil force into our world, potentially unraveling the fabric of our universe. I mean, I don't know, if I was you and that were true, I might feel a little guilty.

Mai Shiranui: Why does this place smell.
Terry Bogard: We're on a budget.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture (1994)
Terry Bogard: Power Geyser!