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Gay Lawrence (Character)
from The Falcon Takes Over (1942)

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A Date with the Falcon (1942)
Inspector Michael 'Mike' O'Hara: Wait a minute, Falcon. You can't let me down! You're the only guy who knows the diamond racket inside out.
Gay Lawrence: Get thee behind me, O'Hara.

Gay Lawrence: I told you I don't know anything, and I don't want to find out anything!

Inspector Michael 'Mike' O'Hara: What's the matter, Bates? Can't you take 'em?
Detective Bates: [Trying to act macho] Are you gonna come quietly, Falcon?
Gay Lawrence: [Putting his finger by his lips and mouthing a 'shhh'] Yeah, I won't even wake you up.

Max Carlson: [to Rita knowingly] I think you can be relied upon to close our deal with 'The Falcon.'
Rita Mara: I think so. Then we meet at your apartment.
Max Carlson: That's right. Come on, Dutch.
Gay Lawrence: [to Dutch] Oh, your hat.
[Handing him his hat]
Max Carlson: Awfully sorry we won't meet again.
Gay Lawrence: [Drolly] Oh, that's one nice thing about my murder.

Gay Lawrence: You're going to fix a window?
Needles, a Henchman: [Ominously] No, I'm gonna fix your wagon.

Gay Lawrence: [When he realizes that the crooks intend to throw him down a trap door into the river] You know, they say the best people are using concrete these days.

Inspector Michael 'Mike' O'Hara: [Seeing Gay and Helen embracing] Awww, touching, ain't it?
Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke: [Referring to a bet he's lost to Helen] Yeah, touches me for a buck.
Gay Lawrence: [Leaving with O'Hara] Oh, good-bye, darling.
Helen Reed: [Taking the dollar from Goldie] Yes, it'll be a down payment on my straight jacket.

The Falcon Takes Over (1942)
Ann Riordan: [after Marriot has fired a shot at him and been murdered himself] Are you all right?
Gay Lawrence: Nobody ever got killed by a blank cartridge.

Diana Kenyon: May I offer you a drink?
Gay Lawrence: Never before sundown.
Diana Kenyon: And after that?
Gay Lawrence: After that the deluge.
Diana Kenyon: What about tonight?

Gay Lawrence: [Not wanting to work for a client who leaves him in the dark] I think you better get someone else.
Lindsey W. Marriot: I don't like your manner.
Gay Lawrence: I'm not particularly intrigued by yours either.

Diana Kenyon: You know, I can't understand how such brilliance could get you in a spot like this.
Gay Lawrence: I'm always a sucker for a beautiful woman.
Diana Kenyon: [Sarcastically] You and mankind.

Diana Kenyon: Strange that we never met before.
Gay Lawrence: Stranger still if we don't meet again.

Jonathan 'Goldy' Locke: I tell ya the guy ain't human! He's a mountain!
Gay Lawrence: So, like Muhammad, we go to the mountain.

The Gay Falcon (1941)
Inspector Mike Waldeck: [to Goldie] All right, son, I'm releasin' yuh, but first I want a description of the man you saw that night.
Jonathan G. 'Goldie' Locke: Ah, naw, naw, naw, naw.
Gay Lawrence: [Gay raises a reproving finger to Goldie] Now, Goldie...
Jonathan G. 'Goldie' Locke: All right! You'll get it!
Inspector Mike Waldeck: Take it, Herman.
Herman: What was the contour of his face?
Herman: [Goldie gives Gay a knowing look and Herman becomes annoyed] The contour!
Jonathan G. 'Goldie' Locke: White.
Herman: [Frustrated] Not the color... the contour!
Jonathan G. 'Goldie' Locke: Break it down, buddy.
Herman: The shape of his face then! Full, square, oval?
Jonathan G. 'Goldie' Locke: Kinda flat and full.

Gay Lawrence: Oh, darling, I thought you'd stand by me.
Elinor Benford: I'm tired of standing by. The line's too long.

Helen Reed: [as Gay appears preoccupied] Are you reasoning something out or something?
Gay Lawrence: Yes, I'm wondering if I lived here, where'd I hide something if I wee clever and had something to hide.

Manuel Retana: [Holding a gun] Now, can you think of one good reason why I shouldn't kill you?
Gay Lawrence: I shall most assuredly try.

Gay Lawrence: There was a body brought in tonight, a murder in an apartment on 21st St.
Morgue Attendant: [chuckling at comic strip in newspaper] Oh him, yeah he's around.

The Falcon's Brother (1942)
Lefty: [On board ship] Hey, we came here to meet your brother. You remember?
Gay Lawrence: Oh, yes, yes.
Lefty: And I sure hope he ain't got dames for a hobby like you have.
Gay Lawrence: I'm afraid you're in for a disappointment, Lefty.