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Quotes for
Cupid (Character)
from Cupid's Pranks (1908)

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"Charmed: Heartbreak City (#2.10)" (2000)
Piper Halliwell: But you're still going to have to back up the Cupid claim.
Cupid: OK, fine. Dan, Jack, Clay, Andy. My senceriest kondolenses. Eric in London, Alan in college. Not Jremy the warlock, Joe in college, Barry in high school, Tim in eight grade. Ken, Kyle, Steve, Mike, Ken again, Brian, Joel, Mark, Peter, Paul.
Piper Halliwell: Whoo!
Cupid: Tony.
Phoebe Halliwell: OK, you knew I didn't love all those guys, right?
Cupid: Well, they wanted to love you but eventually closed heart and sent them away.

Prue Halliwell: So we're actually supposed to believe that you're Cupid?
Cupid: You believe in warlocks and demons, but you can't believe in me?
Piper Halliwell: Where's the chubby baby?
Phoebe Halliwell: Guys.
Prue Halliwell: And the bow and arrow?
Cupid: Where's the warty chins, hooked noses and pointy hats?

Dinner with Cupid (2006)
Cupid: In my line of work, well, sometimes you can make a mistake

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Hey Cupid, why don't you shoot me with one of your darts and then I'll fall in love?
Cupid: First of all, they're not darts, they're arrows. Second of all, no can do.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Why not?
Cupid: Because they have no effect on us. Believe me, if they did, I would've shot myself in the butt, met a nice girl, left business years ago.

"The Twilight Zone: If She Dies/Ye Gods (#1.5)" (1985)
Cupid: [shoots him in the chest with an arrow] That's for being such a self-obsessed0 jerk.
[shoots another]
Cupid: And that's for wasting MY time.
Todd Ettinger: [though Cupid turns toward the door, sees he's about to shoot again and protests but he does anyway] Ahhh, oh - !
Cupid: And that's because I... I just felt like it.

"The Wonderful World of Disney: Toothless (#1.2)" (1997)
[Cupid shoots an arrow that nearly hits Rogers]
Rogers: Oh, watch that!
Cupid: Sorry, it slipped.
Dr. Katherine Lewis: Nice outfit.
Cupid: Right back at you.
Dr. Katherine Lewis: [to Rogers] Cupid, I take it?
Rogers: Ha, yes, to you. To me he'll always be a lousy divorce attorney.