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Lillie Langtry (Character)
from "Lillie" (1978)

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"Lillie: Sunset and Evening Star (#1.12)" (1978)
King Edward VII: Your stables are phenomenally successful, you're top of the winning owners again.
Lillie Langtry: Yes, I'm sorry I beat you.
King Edward VII: No, you're not.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)
Lily Langtry: [Lily notices her portrait behind the bar] Is that a bullet hole through my heart?
Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Yes it is, ma'am. They was wild men in those days.
Lily Langtry: Who did it?
Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Snake River Rufus Krile did that, I believe.
Lily Langtry: What became of him?
Tector Crites (Jackson gang: Judge shot him. Dead. Dead, dead. Then he fined him for some other crimes. And then later we hanged him.
Lily Langtry: Most appropriate.