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Bud-dha (Character)
from Air Buddies (2006) (V)

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Air Buddies (2006) (V)
Bud-dha: Be one with the ball.

Bud-dha: I'm meditating. I'm absorbing positive energy.
Budderball: I'd positively like to absorb a Pop-Tart.

Bud-dha: Mudbud, I've got bad news. You're about to take a bath.
Mudbud: Dude, I'm already clean! I just took a mud bath!
Bud-dha: On a positive side, there is no soap.

Bud-dha: Mrs. Niggles is finding her inner peace. She's falling asleep.
Budderball: I don't know about my inner peace, but I want a piece of that pie!

Bud-dha: Chasing someone with a stick? That's not baseball; that's hockey.

Mudbud: They're taking us to our new homes tomorrow!
Rosebud, Bud-dha, B-Dawg, Budderball: Tomorrow?
Budderball: But tomorrow's taco night!

Bud-dha: Running away from our troubles isn't going to solve our problems.
Mudbud: Yeah, but at least we'll all still be together.
Bud-dha: That's an astute observation.

Bud-dha: True north is the way to go.
B-Dawg: Bro, I'm glad you were paying attention when Noah was taking his geography class.

Bud-dha: I think that was Dalai in Llama.
Mudbud: Dude, he's a goat.

Bud-dha: I'm sensing true north is this way.
B-Dawg: Well then, your sensing compass is busted, Dawg, cause we just came from that way!

Snow Buddies (2008) (V)
Rosebud: B-Dawg, what are you hiding from now?
B-Dawg: Who, me? I'm not hiding. I was just thinking let's play some... Hide and Seek.
Buddha: Seeking truth is a great start to our day. Ohmmmm... ohmmmm...
Rosebud: Whatever! You're it!
Mudbud: Dude, don't forget to find us after the tenth ohm.

Mudbud: Chill out, Rosebud. This may not be so bad afterall. I mean, they've got mud pie ice cream.
Buddha: I choose the rocky-roadless tub.
Rosebud: Maybe I'll have a teensy weensy little bit of strawberry.

Budderball: How did this happen?
Mudbud: Your stomach is how it happened, dude!
Rosebud: Pointing paws isn't gonna get us home!
Buddha: Sometimes, the greatest journeys start accidentally and end with a higher purpose.

Shasta: You guys ever dog sled race?
Rosebud: Right now, we just want to get home.
Shasta: Well, let's go see St. Bernie. He should be able to help.
Buddha: Wow. We have never met a saint before.

Buddha: Sometimes, helping others is a way to help ourselves.
Mudbud: The zen dude is right!

Buddha: It's a seventh inning stretch. Time to balance my tee.

Shasta: This is where my mom and dad died.
Mudbud: We know, Dude.
Shasta: You do? And you still raced even though you knew it was so dangerous?
Buddha: Like Talon said, "Sometimes, you have to have faith."

Rosebud: Nobody double-crosses me and my brothers! We've got to beat them!
B-Dawg: We are the fastest...
Budderball: ...and the strongest!
Buddha: We have the power of positive thinking!
Shasta: It ain't over 'til the husky puppy howls!

Space Buddies (2009) (V)
Rosebud: How do I look?
Mudbud: Uh... Like our sister in a space suit.
B-Dawg: I know I look tight.
Budderball: Mine's a little little too tight. Somebody give me a paw?
[Rosebud goes to help Budderball]
Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha: Don't pull his paw!
[Rosebud pulls Budderball's paw, and he farts causing his suit to inflate]
B-Dawg: Check it! It's the Good Year blimp!

Buddha: I think we should go explore and broaden our horizons.
B-Dawg: Broaden our horizons? We're lost in space, dawg! I think our horizons are broad enough!

Buddha: Come on, sis. I've got a plan for a rainy day field trip.
Rosebud: Gross! No way I'm going out in that rain! It'll mess up my fur do!

Buddha: Budderball, we're on a journey of ginormous perportions.
Budderball: I'm about to eat a bowl of ginormous perportions myself!
Buddha: Budderball, there's no time for breakfast.
Budderball: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Buddha: The window of opportunity is upon us. Let's use it.

Rosebud: Looks like he got a time out.
Buddha: When it rains, Mudbud gets grounded. He's a repeat offender.
Budderball: Remember the time I snagged a sample of the Thanksgiving turkey? I got a time out for that too.
B-Dawg: Sample shmample! You ate the whole butterball turkey, dawg!
Budderball: It's kind of embarrassing to be named after a turkey.

B-Dawg: Aaahh! The Death Star!
Buddha: B-Dawg, it's the moon. It looks a lot bigger up here then when we used to howl at it from home.
Budderball: Oh, thank goodness! All the bleu cheese a fella could eat!

Buddha: [as Budderball hits the ship's windshield] In life, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.
Budderball: Did somebody catch the liscence plate on that UFO?

Santa Buddies (2009) (V)
Rosebud: I'm not really buying the whole "Santa Paws" thing either, but I sure do love all the presents.
Buddha: Your material desires are those of the wanted mind. Enough is never enough.

Rosebud: How'd it go?
Buddha: I lost it!
Puppy Paws: What's the "it" you lost, Zen?
Buddha: My temper! That's the "it" I lost!