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Dr. Laurience (Character)
from The Man Who Lived Again (1936)

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The Man Who Lived Again (1936)
Dr. Laurience: I was the leading surgeon in Genoa - the greatest authority upon the human brain, until I told them something about their own brains. Then they said I was mad. Look at me. Am I mad?

Clayton: It's the first time you've taken any interest in food since you've been here.
Dr. Laurience: It's the first time there's been any!

Clayton: This may amuse you.
[gives Laurience a newspaper with a gossipy article about his experiments.]
Dr. Laurience: You told them all this!
Clayton: Me? Why me?
Dr. Laurience: How should I know? Your mind is just as twisted as your body. Don't forget, if I leave out one injection...
Clayton: I don't mind dying, but to be accused of journalism!

Dr. Laurience: [Growing bitter as camera dollies in] I meant my work to be given to the world to be used for the common good, but they wouldn't have it! They wouldn't believe me... they laughed. All right, I'll keep it for myself, and I'll use it for my own ends.

Lord Haslewood: [after proposing to sponsor his experiments] May I take it then, Dr. Laurience, that you agree?
Clayton: [In a cautionary tone] You'll be sorry if you do.
Dr. Laurience: [Insistent] I must work in my own way.
Lord Haslewood: [Looking around at the seediness of the setting] How can you work in this atmosphere?
Clayton: [Sarcastically] If you refer to the smell of bacon, it is no obstacle to scientific research.

Dr. Clare Wyatt: Why did you send for me? You might have had an experienced scientist.
Dr. Laurience: I don't want experienced scientists. Their minds are set. Like trains they run only to the terminus and back again to the beginning. and back.
Dr. Laurience: But I remember you in Genoa. You were so young. You had faith in what was new and courage to face things, and now you shall work with me here, and I shall show you strange things about the mind of man. You will follow me without fear.
Dr. Clare Wyatt: Without fear.