Detective Megan Wheeler
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Detective Megan Wheeler (Character)
from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (2001)

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"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Flipped (#6.14)" (2007)
Luther Pinkston: I didn't give you a name.
Detective Megan Wheeler: And we didn't push Bobby Boyd off that roof but... you know how rumors spread.

Detective Mike Logan: You think she'll actually be safe?
Detective Megan Wheeler: Maybe Harry was just trying to protect her.
Detective Mike Logan: Maybe.

Captain Danny Ross: Maybe she'll talk.
Detective Megan Wheeler: Why? Because she's a woman? Same thing happened with Lil' Kim, she went to jail for perjury.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: In Treatment (#8.4)" (2009)
Captain Danny Ross: How'd things go with the shrink?
Detective Megan Wheeler: I'm pregnant.
Captain Danny Ross: That well?

Detective Megan Wheeler: You're not crazy about that guy?
Detective Zach Nichols: Actually, I... I hate him.

Captain Danny Ross: We got the lab report on the steak knife in Hatcher's chest. Some of the blood on it was not Hatcher's.
Detective Zach Nichols: Was it the cow's?
Captain Danny Ross: No, human. So it would be nice to get a DNA sample from Archie Beuliss.
Detective Megan Wheeler: We can't even get an interview.
Captain Danny Ross: The shrink wouldn't help?
Detective Megan Wheeler: Well, he gave Nichols a free diagnosis: issues with authority.
Captain Danny Ross: Tell me about it.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Salome in Manhattan (#8.10)" (2009)
Detective Megan Wheeler: *God*, I'm glad I went to public school.

Detective Zach Nichols: I'm just going to...
Detective Megan Wheeler: Wander aimlessly?
Detective Zach Nichols: [smiles] Keeps me from getting lost.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Major Case (#8.14)" (2009)
Detective Megan Wheeler: Sorry!
Detective Zach Nichols: What for?
Detective Megan Wheeler: I'm late.
Detective Zach Nichols: That's understandable.
Detective Megan Wheeler: What's that supposed to mean? Being pregnant not an excuse!
Detective Zach Nichols: You're right, it's not understandable.

Detective Megan Wheeler: [smelling a dead body in a trash dumpster] Bleach, he tried to clean her with bleach... excuse me.
[steps beside the dumpster and throws up]
Detective Zach Nichols: [to a female cop at the scene] It's... understandable.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Reunion (#7.16)" (2008)
Detective Megan Wheeler: There's a receipt here from "Max's Kansas City."
Detective Mike Logan: That used to be a happenin' place.
[Wheeler stares at Logan blankly]
Detective Mike Logan: It's an expression.
Detective Megan Wheeler: Groovy.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Tru Love (#6.2)" (2006)
Detective Mike Logan: Didn't take you for a biker chick.
Detective Megan Wheeler: In high school I worked at a pizzeria across from a motorcycle garage, the mechanics would trade rides for slices.
Detective Mike Logan: Working in high school? So mom and dad decided to teach you the value of money?
Detective Megan Wheeler: More like Dad disappeared and Mom waited tables at a diner down the block.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Rock Star (#8.2)" (2009)
Captain Danny Ross: [about Nichols] Both of his parents were psychiatrists.
Detective Megan Wheeler: Psychiatrists' kids are always crazy.
Captain Danny Ross: He's not crazy... exactly.