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Quotes for
Ice (Character)
from Justice League of America (1997) (TV)

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"Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Darkseid Descending! (#2.23)" (2010)
Booster Gold: Hello, ladies. I don't believe we've met. The name's Gold, and you can bet I'm as precious as the metal.
Fire: We are Fire and Ice, a volatile combination.
Ice: Like my mother's peanut butter and sardine smoothies.

Batman: Two weeks ago, I've sent The Question on a mission to uncover information on the possibility of an imminent Earth invasion. He hasn't been heard from since.
Blue Beetle: Invasion? From where?
Batman: Apokolips.
Ice: Home of the Parthenon.
Batman: No, a distant world enslaved by the most evil beings in the known universe.
Ice: [gasps] The Greeks!

Guy Gardner: What are you doing in here?
Booster Gold: I called dibs. Didn't I, Skeets?
Skeets: And firsties, sir.
Guy Gardner: Look, you poser, get out of my cabin right now.
Booster Gold: Um, no. I think I'll stay.
[Guy pulls him off the couch]
Booster Gold: Not the face! Not the face!
Aquaman: Gentleman, please. Let's settle this like civilized...
[gets punched]
Aquaman: Son of a whale shark! Have at thee! Come here, you!
[Aquaman goes in to the fight]
Fire: Oh, boy fight.
Ice: So immature.

Aquaman: An adventure calls!
Guy Gardner: Let's get down there so you punks can see a real hero in action.
Ice: The Greeks must be stopped!
Booster Gold: I gotta text my publicist. Skeets, how many P's in "impending?"
Skeets: One, sir.
Fire: Is this suit too short for world-saving?
Blue Beetle: Um, I wonder if it's short enough?
Martian Munhunter: Quiet! Listen, people. This team is not about egos or wardrobes or publicity. It's about handling threats larger than any hero can alone. When history remembers this group and its first mission, will it be of individuals who could not get the job done? Or will it be the greatest superhero team ever assembled, saving the world in its darkest hour?

Batman: Think you could give us some cover?
Fire: Not um problema, Batman.
Ice: That is Portuguese for "No problem."