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Mirror Master (Character)
from Justice League: Doom (2012) (V)

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"Justice League: Flash and Substance (#5.5)" (2006)
Waitress: [to Flash villains] What'll it be, boys?
Captain Boomerang: Arnold Palmer.
The Trickster: Cherry Cola.
Mirror Master: Decaf Soy Latte.
Captain Cold: Milk.
[the others stare in confusion]
Captain Cold: [embarrassed] My ulcer's been acting up.

[Flash is trying to outrun Mirror Master. Mirror Master is shooting small mirrors everywhere]
The Flash: You are so cleaning this place up.
Mirror Master: Make me! Or rather... Find me!
[Flash sees dozens of "Mirror Masters" in front of him. Only one is the real Mirror Master]
The Flash: [charging and swinging at each one] Nope... Nope... Nope...
[he finally hits the real Mirror Master]
The Flash: There you are!

[a hologram appears]
The Flash: Mirror Master!
Mirror Master: You're quick as ever.
The Flash: Yeah? Well, you're... you're not really all there!
Mirror Master: Oh, nice try. If you'd had another minute, you might have thought of a decent comeback.

Mirror Master: Boomer, must you always plead poverty?
Captain Boomerang: I've got my overhead! What do you know about poverty? All you have to do is pull another mirror out of your blinkin' arsenal!

[as the Rogues are taken into custody, a crime scene tech sweeps up the pieces of the broken mirror in which Mirror Master is trapped]
Mirror Master: Are you sure that's all the pieces? I demand a full accounting! Where's my lawyer? I know my rights, you obscene caricature of a civil servant...!
[his voice cuts off as the tech seals up the plastic bag]

Captain Boomerang: Now they tell me I'm reformed.
Mirror Master: Reformed? The man who hijacked a whole fleet of armored cars in one month?
Captain Boomerang: Now that was a crime.
Mirror Master: Too bad the Flash busted you before you could spend a dime.
The Trickster: And you know what else...?
Captain Boomerang: Well, at least he didn't make me eat my own laser kaleidoscope!
Mirror Master: That's a rumor! A complete exaggeration! And anyway, it was a laser pistol.

[trapped in Mirror Master's "Disco of Death"]
Mirror Master: I was never fond of you, Flash. But I'm a reasonable man. If you'd just looked the other way once in a while, we could have co-existed in peace. Instead, you never let up. So you've gotta go.
The Flash: That music is what's gotta go!

Mirror Master: The hardest men in town, and we all have something in common.
The Trickster: Bilateral symmetry!

Justice League: Doom (2012) (V)
Bane: Wait. A further toast. I've been trying to kill Batman for 10 years. Well, this time, I did better than kill him, I humiliated him.
Metallo: Here, here.
Mirror Master: Each of us finally got the better of our opposite numbers and it's all thanks to the genius of one man. Vandal Savage.
Metallo: Yes, he's the man.
Bane: Ha, ha, to the man.
Metallo: His check's clear.
Bane: I love my money.

Vandal Savage: Eighty-thousand years ago, I was living in what is now the island of Sumatra. One night, the sky lit up with streaks of fire. Meteors. But my primitive mind thought the stars were falling from the sky. One meteor fell to Earth in my valley. My compatriots ran, but it was very cold and the glowing stone was warm. I slept there bathed in the meteor's strange radiations. And when I awoke the next morning, I was forever changed. The radiation mutated me, evolving me. I was instantly aware of my increased intelligence. It was only with the passage of time that I discovered the rest of my gift. So far as I know, I cannot die.
Cheetah: Is that a fact?
Vandal Savage: Go ahead.
Mirror Master: [Cheetah slashes Vandal's throat] Why'd you do that?
Cheetah: Don't you realize what he's planned? In his new world our money doesn't matter.
Vandal Savage: You are correct. Money won't matter. It's trivial in the long run.
[smacks Cheetah]
Vandal Savage: Let me tell you about the long run. I've lived thousands of lives. I've been a laborer, a scientist, a priest, an artist, a healer, thief.
Ma'alefa'ak: But most often a conqueror.
Cheetah: I'm still not seeing how this makes up for my money.
Vandal Savage: Seventy-five-thousand years ago, a disaster nearly rendered humanity extinct. I enslaved the survivors and ruled with an iron hand. In a few generations, my people were well under way to repopulating the Earth and becoming the planet's dominant species. I was happy then.
Cheetah: You're taking the world over out of nostalgia?
Vandal Savage: I'm taking over because humanity is prideful and belligerent and once again needs my guiding hand. But before I take over, I intend to soften them up.
Ma'alefa'ak: By destroying half the world.
Vandal Savage: Those who survive will happily follow a leader who offers food, comfort and order.
Bane: That could work.
Ma'alefa'ak: It will work.
Vandal Savage: To you, my warlords, I offer dominion over as much of what remains of the planet as each of you can hold, second only to me. Interested?
Cheetah: You haven't left us much choice.
Bane: Heh, how do you propose to kill that many people? Even without the Justice League, they will fight.
Vandal Savage: They'll lose.

The Flash: You never asked me how my wrist was healing.
Mirror Master: Fine, how's your...? Unh!
The Flash: [punches him] Surprisingly fast.