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Sam Daniels (Character)
from "October Road" (2007)

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"October Road: Tomorrow's So Far Away (#1.3)" (2007)
Sam Daniels: Do you have a girlfriend?
Nick Garrett: [pauses] We're just gonna keep the focus on you, okay?

Nick Garrett: Alright, phase one. First things first. You got to get her interest.
Sam Daniels: But I don't play soccer.
Nick Garrett: You don't get her interest by doing things she likes, that just makes you seem desperate.
Sam Daniels: Do you have a girlfriend?
Nick Garrett: We're just going to keep the focus on you, 'kay?

"October Road: Pilot (#1.1)" (2007)
Sam Daniels: That house is haunted. You ever seen to To Kill a Mockingbird? You know that guy Boo Radley, in that house is Boo Radley Senior & Boo Radley Junior.
Nick Garrett: I know. I grew up there.

Nick Garrett: Hey! What are you doing, kid? Got a paper route?
Sam Daniels: Yeah, mom thinks it's good for me. Crack of dawn, fresh air, current events. Character building stuff. What are you doing out this early?
Nick Garrett: Same thing. Trying to build some character. Hey, let me ask you a question. What do you think about your mom's boyfriend?
Sam Daniels: Big Cat?
Nick Garrett: Yeah.
Sam Daniels: He's OK, I guess. Although, sometimes, I think he's trying to murder me.

"October Road: The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart (#1.2)" (2007)
Hannah Daniels: [the Commander arrives with a cat he just picked up off the street at Knights Ridge Veterinary Care, only to come closer to Sam] This is yours, Mr. Garrett?
The Commander: Yeah, that's right.
Hannah Daniels: How old is this cat?
The Commander: He's 7.
Hannah Daniels: This cat is a female.
The Commander: [smiles] Yeah.
Hannah Daniels: And, um, what's her name?
The Commander: [looks at a picture of a sunrise on the wall] Sunrise.
Hannah Daniels: [notices he made up the name] And, um, what's wrong with Sunrise?
The Commander: I don't know. He's just a little... sluggish.
Hannah Daniels: She
The Commander: She
Hannah Daniels: Well I'll take a look at her.
The Commander: Ok that's great well I guess I'll be going now.
[leaves the office]
Sam Daniels: Mom why did he bring in Buster?
Hannah Daniels: I don't know
[turns to look at a confused coworker]
Hannah Daniels: This is our cat.